The 6 Best Wall Climbing RC Cars You Can Buy Today

Wall-climbing RC cars are one of the hottest toys on the market. They are a relatively new addition to the RC family, so very few people know about their exact details. You might be looking for one of these RC cars for your child or even for yourself and confused about which one to get. If you feel unsure, You will find all the answers in this helpful article..

The essential factors that need to be considered when choosing an RC wall climbing car are: A quality suction fan, this is essential so the wall climber stays on the wall adequately. An RC wall climbers battery life and charge capacity are crucial for enjoyment time for your child, or even yourself. Brands like Airhog and ALYHYB cover all the essential aspects that someone choosing a wall climbing RC car should need. Suction fans, in the majority of wall climbers, are quite noisy.

The 6 Best Wall Climbing RC Cars You Can Buy Today

There are a lot of wall-climbing cars on the market right now, with varying prices. Some of them offer astonishing performance, while others could be considered sub-par at best.

That’s why it is important to know certain things before you buy them. Here, I’m going to provide some information to help you make the right decision when choosing a wall climbing RC car and I’m going to talk about the 6 best wall climbing RC cars that I would recommend along with each one’s good points and their not so good points.

How Do Wall-climbing Car’s work?

Before you buy anything, you need to know what to look for to get a decent deal. And you can’t understand what to look for without knowing how something works. So Let me start this off with a brief introduction to the basics of wall-climbing RC cars. It should help you understand the gist of these car’s mechanics, and you can determine if one is good or not.

First off, Wall-climbing RC cars or wall-climbers are slightly different than regular RC cars. Wall-climbers can run on a flat surface just like regular RC cars, but wall climbers also have a different mode called vacuum mode. There are also a few other technical things that you should know about these cars.

There’s a powerful fan at the middle of a wall-climbers chassis that pulls the air, this allows it to stick to vertical surfaces. The suction power determines the car’s wall-climbing capabilities. Some cheap models have poor suction force, and they are dreadful to play with. There are some that fall off the walls in a matter of seconds. 

As I said, these cars can climb walls because of the suction generated by an internal fan. And I’m sure you understand how horrendously noisy fans can be. As far, every wall-climber I’ve come across has been very loud. But the sound drops by a few decibels once you attach them to the wall.

These cars are far less wonderful than you think. They do not stick to the wall like glue all the time, they will fall off quite often. That is true for both cheap and expensive models. But better cars have a shock-absorbing design which prevents these cars from taking fall damage.

The cheaper cars have regular radio controls with a 360-rotation system. They are a bit harder to control than regular RC cars, even on flat floors. Some of the higher-end models come with guided laser controls, these are a bit more accurate than regular controls.

Wall-climbing cars are absurdly power-hungry. The majority of the cars require a charging time of hours and can run out of power in a matter of minutes. Generally, the radio controller would need anywhere from 4-6 AAA batteries while the car comes with a rechargeable battery.

Are Wall Climbing RC Cars Safe?

Before considering to buy a wall climbing RC car, you need to take into account a few important factors:

The mechanical workings of a wall climbing RC car are made safe for use by children and the heat from the suction fan is not an issue. In general, wall climbing RC cars don’t have small parts that can be manipulated. The main safety issue is if the wall climber falls and breaks something. This could be a serious issue depending on the type of object it falls on.

As I said before, the climbing capabilities of wall-climbers are not that great. They will fall off from time to time. A well-built car is designed to reduce fall damage, which also means that they are fairly sturdy. If your kids are not careful, they would very well end up getting hit by these cars once they fall off the walls.

In my opinion, the ones in danger are your fragile furniture and showpieces.  Wall-climbers can run horizontally on the ceiling. And they can easily fall off too, it would be quite easy for your kid to smash the car on top of a vase or god forbid, an aquarium.

Contrary to what you might expect, the fan is relatively harmless. Yes, I know that it sounds frightening, and a fan capable of sucking in so much air is at least decently powerful. But the manufacturers are very careful about sealing it properly under a lair of vents. Your child will never be able to stick his/her finger inside the fan.

That’s about it for the safety-related aspect of wall-climbers. As you can see, they do not pose any threat to a kid, as long as you supervise them while they charge the car.

Are Wall Climbing RC Cars Suited for Kids?

I recommend against giving such a toy to kids below 6 years old. While these cars do not have any apparent dangers, they are not completely risk-free either. For one thing, these cars are incredibly fast for indoor RC cars. A decent one is easily capable of reaching speeds around 10km/h. 

While a relatively older child can handle it properly, little kids generally cannot control these cars. They could easily harm themselves by controlling miscontrolling them.

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Things to Consider Before Buying Wall Climbing RC cars

If you never bought a Wall-climbing car before, chances are you have no clue as to what to look for. 

The first thing you should check is the quality of the vacuum. Try to get the shopkeeper to give you a demo of the car you want. Try to have it run on the wall while doing complex maneuvers, if it still doesn’t fall off then you are good to go.

The second thing you need to check is the charging time and wall-climbing duration. Some of these cars can take as much as 4 hours of charging for a measly 10 minutes of climbing time. You don’t want that. Look out for a reasonable ratio.

The third is the quality of the controller. Some controllers have great precision, while others make it hard to even keep the car in a straight line. You want something that makes the controls feel natural and fluid.

And you should always check the durability of the outer material. Most wall-climbing cars are made out of ABS material and plastic, and they feel quite flimsy, but at the same time offer great shock absorption. The problem is, cheap brands can exploit this fact, and give low-quality flimsy material that cannot do these things.

Hopefully Ive given you an introduction into what you need to know to help you make the right decision when its comes to choosing a wall climbing RC car, so read on, in my opinion, here are 6 of the best.

Top 6 Best Wall Climbing Cars On the Market

Let me introduce you to some of my favorite models. Each of these has some unique features that set them apart from other cars. So, in this section I will talk extensively about these RC cars and their features and also include their pros and cons. 

This is so that you can properly compare these to each other and pick one based on your understanding instead of just depending on my opinions. So, let’s begin. 

1.YSKCSRY Anti-Gravity Car

YSKCSRY is one of the best-performing wall-climbers I have come across till now. It is a high-end model, with very refined features. Everything starting from the packaging to every individual part exudes quality that you’d be hard-pressed to find on an RC car. 

The car is made of ABS material, so its durability is top-notch. So far, I found its wall-climbing potential to be particularly noteworthy. It has a powerful fan, but that also means louder noise. I would take louder noise over poor climbing power any day of the week. 

One of the best things about this car is the satisfying control. Most wall-climbers are known for their poor control. Many people complain that wall-climbers are hard to turn or run in a straight line. YSKCSRY has none of that jittery radio control issue. 

Every turn and spin is smooth as silk. The main vacuum is strong enough to stick onto walls while you do crazy stunts with the car. It performs very well even when placed on a ceiling. It also has a significantly longer battery life compared to other wall-climbers.


  • Controller type: Infrared 
  • Maximum speed: 13km/h
  • Internal battery duration: 23 minutes
  • Manufacturer: YSKCSRY
  • Charging Time: 2 hours


Automatic Flashing Light: There are four sets of light on this car. Each will light up while turning in the corresponding direction. The lights can also stay on indefinitely, which allows your kids to play in the dark. 

Additional Charging system: The car needs to be charged with the USB that comes in the package. But you also have the option of charging it via a cord in the controller. This acts as an independent emergency charger, when you are too far away from the main USB cord, you can use the controller as an alternative hub.

Shock-absorbing Shell: Everything about the car screams performance and the other shell is no exception. The shell may seem flimsy at first, but it can handle a drop from 20 meters without taking any damage. The car is as light as it could be, to reduce the damage it might deal on your furniture.


  • Excellent control
  • Good climbing potential
  • High-durability
  • Long battery life


  • Very loud
  • Long charging time

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2. Air Hogs Zero Gravity

Air Hogs is a household brand when it comes to remote-controlled toys. At the time wall-climbers became popular, Air Hogs came up with their version to more than suit the market. They also added some special features that made up for the shortcomings of wall-climbers.

Air Hogs zero gravity RC car has a comfortable design. Air Hogs is especially good for those who have poor controlling skills with a radio controller. Most wall-climbers have terrible controls and are hard to handle without some skills. This Air Hogs model mitigates the problem with an excellent laser-guided controller.

I’m not going to lie; I have terrible controlling skills. You could even say my skills with a radio controller is pitiful. That is one of the reasons why I prefer laser controllers. Just point to the laser, and the car will follow the dot like a kitten.  

Aside from the easy controls, this car is exceedingly reliable. The inner vacuum can reliably have it run up any smooth surfaces. I did, however, see a drop in suction force while trying it on a paper wall. Also, don’t even think of running it up an uneven wall, it just doesn’t work.


  • Controller type: Laser-guided
  • Maximum speed: 10km/h
  • Internal battery duration: 20 minutes
  • Manufacturer: Air Hogs
  • Charging Time: 1 hour 30 minutes


Guided Laser Controller: This car does not use a radio control as its remote. It comes with a LED laser pointer controller. All you need to do is point the light a certain distance in front of the car, and the car will follow. 

Fast Charging: The car comes with a powerful internal battery. It can charge up to 0.25 times than other wall-climbers. The charge lasts a fairly long time too considering the consumption of its powerful internal vacuum. 

Flexible maneuvering: This RC car is exceptionally nimble. It is many times easier to manipulate compared to radio controllers. These cars are perfect for racing.


  • Swift controls
  • Long-lasting battery
  • Sturdy


  • A little too much noise
  • Short-range controller

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3. ALYHYB 2.4 GHz Transforming RC Car

The ALYHYB transforming RC car is one of the more special ones on this list. It is probably one of the best gifts you can give to your child. It is one of those transformer-type RC cars. It can transform from a lean car into a domineering robot with the push of a button.

In terms of performance, it ranks close to Air Hog. However, it is a level lower than YSKCSRY. I will admit, the car would have more power if it didnt include the transformation feature. But doing so would be equal to taking away a large portion of joy from the kids.  

One of the things I don’t like about this car is that it has a horrendously short use time. I guess part of it due to its additional features. However, it is still something that any kid would love to have, and that’s all that matters.


  • Controller type: Radio control
  • Maximum speed: 9km/h
  • Internal battery duration: 6-7 minutes
  • Manufacturer: ALYHYB
  • Charging Time: 1 hour


Transformation: This car can transform into a robot. Only the front is subject to transform. The middle and back compartment stays the same, as most of the electronics are in there. The transformation model is based on Optimus Prime. If your kid is a fan of transformers then this would be the perfect gift.

2.4GHz Remote: This car comes with a very accurate remote control. The controllers are smooth and easy to operate. The range is also significantly large for an indoor RC car. The effective range is somewhere around 8-10 meters.


  • Unique transforming feature
  • Smooth controls
  • Powerful Radio controller


  • Low playtime
  • Slightly heavy

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4. IIIL RC Wall Climbing Spider Car

Wall-climbing Spider is another oddity on this list. It is a bit different from the transformer car. IIIL is another powerhouse in the RC industry, and they are known for making innovative products. The quality of their products are of a high standard. Hence I decided to give the spider a try.

IIIL Spider is a car that looks exactly like a large creepy spider. It also has all the functions of a wall-climbing car. It has one of the largest battery life I have ever seen on a wall-climbing car. It also finishes charging faster than every other RC car on this list. 

I’m a fan of Halloween, and this RC car is the perfect gift for the occasion. The outer shell of the spider mimics a creepy spider. However, it still functions as a powerful wall-climbing car. However, it is probably better for you to skip this one if your child is scared of spiders.


  • Controller type: Radio control
  • Maximum speed: 8km/h
  • Internal battery duration: 8 minutes
  • Manufacturer: IIIL
  • Charging Time: 6 minutes


Vacuum stripes: The bottom of the Spider car is significantly different from a standard wall-climbing car. The vacuum at the bottom supports these cars by sucking in the air. Spiders’ bottom, however, has additional plastic stripes that spread the vacuum effect. 

The additional spread increases the suction force, granting it more stability. This particular feature allows the spider car to have the best climbing ability among all the cars on this list.

Environmentally friendly: Every material used to make this car is non-toxic. None of it poses any harm to the environment. Even the paint is completely harmless. If your kid has the habit of chewing their toys, then giving them this one should be alright.

Charge/playtime ratio: This car has the best charge/ charge duration ratio. It only needs about 6-7 minutes of charging. That measly 6-7 minutes of charging allows it to perform for around 8 minutes. It may look insignificant to you, but it is a significant duration. Most wall-climbing cars have worse duration than this.


  • Exotic design
  • Smooth control
  • Long ranged wireless controller
  • Fast charging


  • A bit heavy
  • Creepy looking

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5. YF-TOW Wall Climbing RC Car

YF-Tow is a solid all-rounder in every aspect. It has amazing durability, battery life, as well as smooth controls. It also happens to be relatively cheaper compared to most other RC cars on this list. I like how an affordable car like this comes with so many high-end features. On top of that, the design of the car is classic.

YF-TOW is only meant as a toy, but it is a bonafide stunt car. The controls might feel a little hard at first, but once you get used to it, you can do pretty much anything with this car. Many wall-climbers come with a 360 rotation feature, but none can execute as smoothly as YF-TOW.

One of the reasons why this car can perform so well is related to its size. Most wall-climbers are roughly around 7-8 inches, while YF-TOW is only 5.9inches. It is barely the size of someone’s palm. Its small stature gives it an edge over others because it faces less gravity while climbing walls.

Its small size also means less weight, which in turn puts less pressure on the motor. However, this car also has a glaring flaw. I find the radio on it is not as responsive as it should be. That is also why it has been placed lower on this list.


  • Controller type: Radio control
  • Maximum speed: 11km/h
  • Internal battery duration: 10 minutes
  • Manufacturer: YF-TOW
  • Charging Time 40 minutes


Smart lighting system: This car has a smart lighting system that covers both front and back. While turning left, the first left side will have a blue led glow, while the back left will turn red. The same effect happens while turning right. Both lights at the front will turn blue when you move it forward in a straight line and both backlights will turn red while going backward.

Precise 360 Rotation: The car offers precise movement. By moving both left/right controllers you can execute a 360-degree rotation effect. You can even use it for drifting if you are skilled with the controller. 

Fast Mode Switching: YF-Tow can switch between floor and wall mode, with the press of a button. Wall mode consumed a horrendously larger amount of energy compared to ground mode. 


  • Sturdy design
  • Fast
  • Great Climbing-potential
  • Reliable


  • Long charge time
  • Lights can be a bit glitchy

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6. Massager Anti-Gravity Remote Control Car

Massager came up with its wall-climber fairly recently. It is one of the standard wall-climbing cars on the market. Just by looking at the outer shell, you can tell that they put a lot of thought into this car. The glossy design is not there for mere cosmetics. The shell was designed with a helix base to give it extraordinary sturdiness.

In my opinion, getting a sturdier car is always better. Even though every wall-climber car manufacturer promises that their product can withstand anything, very few can back those words up. The massager is one of those rare few.

Kids will always find ways to break these cars if they do not have a certain level of strength. Aside from being sturdy, Massager is also very beginner-friendly. It may not have extreme precision, but it can still offer smooth control. 

If I’m looking for a car for a small child, I’d rather give them something easy to use. They cannot handle top-notch cars with too much power. Hence it is better to give them something gentle so that they don’t hurt themselves. 


  • Controller type: Radio control
  • Maximum speed: 7km/h
  • Internal battery duration: 11 minutes
  • Manufacturer: Massager
  • Charging Time: 30 minutes


Anti-interference Radio: This car is mild compared to the others on this list, but it is in no way inferior in terms of technology. The radio transmitter on this car is anti-interference. Outside disturbance cannot shake it easily. This feature is a crucial function if you want to race with your friends. With it, you won’t face frequency clashes.

Helix design: The outer shell of the car has been reinforced with a micro helix design. It serves to strengthen the overall durability of the ABS material. As long as you don’t smash it with a hammer, there is little chance that the outer shell will be damaged. It is both crashproof and negates fall damage.

Waterproof Cover: The massager comes with a waterproof cover, which protects the inner circuit from water damage. Most people would choose to run it on a dry floor or wall. That does not mean it won’t ever accidentally get splashed by water. 

You won’t believe how many times kids will run these cars through a puddle on the floor. It is always better to be prepared.


  • Reliable
  • Disaster proof
  • Shock absorption
  • Stable frequency


  • A tad bit slow
  • No light effect

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I hope this list of the 6 best wall climbing cars will give you some clue as to what you should be looking for. You can either use them as a reference or straight-up pick one of them and I can guarantee that you won’t go unhappy. 

In case you go off this list, just make sure you check out the specifications and durability of the one you do choose before making your decision. Thanks for reading. Best of luck buying your RC car. Until next time, farewell. 

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