What Is The Toughest RC Truck?

RC trucks are popular in the hobby for their capability of going anywhere in rough terrain. The uneven and bumpy ground can be a tough ask for many RC trucks, so if you want to drive your truck on this type of surface, you are going to need a tough truck. So what is the toughest RC truck that you can get for this type of terrain?

The toughest electric-powered RC truck is the Traxxas Maxx truck, and the toughest nitro-powered truck is the Savage X 4.5 from HPI-Racing. These trucks are robust, built to handle the knocks and bumps from rough trails, big-air landings, and give you great traction over rough ground!

What Is The Toughest RC Truck?
RC truck driving at high speed on gravel

Rough ground is as tough on RC trucks as it is on full-size vehicles, so choosing an RC truck for off-road driving means looking for a tough RC truck that can handle whatever the terrain throws at it. Choosing a truck that does not handle the dirt so well implies that you will be spending more time repairing or changing parts on your truck than driving it. And let’s face it, driving is the fun part and why you decided to get an RC truck in the first place. Choosing the toughest truck for the terrain is crucial.  

The Toughest RC Truck

Tough is a relative word, and in the world of RC trucks, it relates to how well the vehicle will perform on difficult terrain and withstand the beating without breaking parts constantly.

There are different forms of off-road RC truck driving; some versions are slow, 4 x 4 rock climbing styles, while others are driving hell-for-leather over rough ground. In other forms still, there are sandy dunes and large jumps with hard landings.

Different terrain types will require a different level of toughness from your RC truck that will make it the toughest truck for the type of terrain you like to drive.

There are several baseline features to look for in a tough RC truck to make sure your vehicle will survive the rough ground.

How Do You Choose A Tough RC Truck?

The first question you need to answer is where you will be driving. Will you just be doing backyard driving, sand dune driving, driving in mud or wet conditions, or large jumps. For all these types of driving, there are some basic characteristics you need in your RC car for off-road driving.

  • Ground clearance. RC Cars are low to the ground but more nimble and often faster than trucks. RC cars are great for flat, paced roadways and driveways, but for rough terrain, you need that extra ground clearance to get over obstacles with ease.
  • Tires. A good set of off-road tires can make a huge difference to the performance of the truck in the dirt and mud. Tires with a good tread that will dig into the surface are ideal for getting the required traction.
  • Chassis strength. A good RC truck needs a tough chassis that can handle the twisting of rough ground and the impact of hard landings after jumps.
  • Good quality shocks. Quality shock absorbers will not only allow the vehicle to absorb the shocks from the rough ground to prevent damage but will also enhance the performance of the truck in the dirt. Good shocks will keep the wheels in contact with the ground, giving better handling in the dirt.
  • Hobby-grade RC truck. Look for an RC truck that is rated as hobby grade. Many RC trucks on the market are toys and do not have the same quality of build or durability as hobby-grade RC vehicles. Hobby-grade means that you can take your truck apart and rebuild it, replace parts and upgrade parts to customize the truck for how you like to drive. 

If you are a beginner at RC, don’t simply go for the fastest truck you can find. Speed is the most difficult aspect of RC driving for a beginner to master as you learn to control the RC vehicle.

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As a beginner to RC trucks, we recommend that you start off with a vehicle that will get you to 25 to 35-mph as your first RC truck. This will enable you to learn the basics and the control techniques. 

If you bought a hobby-grade RC truck, you could upgrade components on the vehicle to increase speed and performance as your skills improve. We would also recommend that you start with a 1/10th scale truck, which will not only be more affordable but also easier to control.

Electric power over nitro or gasoline power is our recommendation for beginners because electric requires less knowledge about the drive motor to get going in the hobby.

Depending on your preference for building things or not, you can go for an RC truck kit, where you will build the truck from scratch, with an instruction manual for guidance. This has the advantage that you will have intimate knowledge of all the components in the truck and find it easy to replace parts when you need to.

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Alternatively, you can opt for an RTR or Ready-To-Run truck which comes pre-built and will run out of the box, once you have charged the batteries.

Toughest Electric RC Truck

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Our pick for the toughest electric-powered RC truck is the Traxxas Maxx. You can get various battery options on this truck to start at 40-mph as a beginner or upgrade the battery pack to get in excess of 60-mph out of this truck.

The shocks and suspension are designed to handle the hits from rough ground as well as heavy landings from big jumps.

The drive-line is made from heavy-duty, robust components that will handle the abuse from the terrain as well as the weight of the truck. This means the drive-line will be long-lasting and not need frequent replacement.

The chassis is designed to absorb impact and distribute the shock over the entire structure rather than one component. This dissipates the shock of the impact, preventing components from breaking.

Beefy shocks are standard on this truck in the form of 4 large GT-Maxx threaded- aluminum shocks that give the truck the robust suspension required for the toughest off-road terrain. You can control the dampening on these shocks to tune them to the driving feel you require for the terrain.

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Toughest Nitro RC Truck

If you love hearing a screaming engine to go with the rooster tail of dirt from your RC truck wheels, then nitro is the way to go.

The toughest nitro-powered RC truck is, without a doubt, the HPI-Racing Savage X 4.6. this 1/8th scale monster truck has all the beef where it counts to give you an off-road RC-driving experience second-to-none! This RC truck is an example of an RTR vehicle that is pre-built and is ready to drive out of the box.

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The Savage X 4.6 incorporates robust suspension arms, which enable the vehicle to handle heavy landings from big-air drops as well as handle fast driving over bumpy ground. 

The chassis is reinforced with the custom “X” Twin Vertical Plate, or TVP chassis made from tough, durable aluminum plates. 

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The engine mounts have been beefed up to enhance the durability of this truck over extremely rough terrain. The big bore shocks are designed for the abuse that the rough off-road trails will through at the wheels and keep the rubber in contact with the surface for added traction on bumpy terrain.

The two-speed transmission and diff gear set are built to deliver a tough 4WD transmission that handles the hammering from not only rough environments but also the power from the almost 3HP big-block nitro motor.

This monster truck lives up to its name not only with the power it delivers but also with the durability of the truck overall!

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If you are a beginner to the world of RC trucks, don’t try to go too big and bold right off the bat. Many beginner RC drivers start with a truck that offers too much speed and power for the beginner to handle, resulting in disillusionment with the hobby when they struggle to learn how to control the vehicle.

Start with a hobby-grade truck that you can customize as your skills improve. Hobby-grade trucks will give you the tough RC truck you need to learn the basics without constantly replacing damaged or broken parts, and as you upgrade, they will continue to test your RC driving skills!

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