About Paul Good

Me with my Traxxas Slash

I’ve always loved anything RC. It all started back in 1987, I was seven years old, I did lots of small jobs around the house and saved up for months and bought a Tamiya Monster Beetle and my Dad helped me to build it.

I used to take it out in the woods close to the back of my house. I enjoyed driving it over different terrains and letting it rip on the wide-open areas.

After a year or so An RC club near me opened up and they used to let me join them while they were practising with their RCs.  Although I never entered any competitions, practising with them helped my driving skills improve.

Fast forward to thirty-plus years later. I decided to get back into the hobby that I loved as a kid.

This time around, although my main interest is mainly RC cars, I’ve found myself fascinated with all types of RCs. 

At this moment of time, I own an RC car. I have a Traxxas Slash, the standard brushed version. 

For my skill level; This thing has more than enough power!

I take my son out on weekends and we race our RC’s. My son really enjoys it, makes me happy too, it gets him off the playstation!

We take our RCs to a big park area near us, there are lots of different terrains to drive on. There are a lot of RC boat enthusiasts driving their boats on the lakes up there. We’ve got to know a few of them and they share their RC boating experiences with us.

Me and my son will certainly be taking up RC boating in the near future!

With my fascination of the RC hobby, I decided to build this blog.

Having returned to this hobby, I’ve realised that the world of RC has really come along compared to when I was a kid. 

There’s so much to the world of RC, most people may find it daunting and not know where to start.

I created this blog from a beginner’s point of view. With the help of Mark, Frank and Matt, our aim is to gain knowledge and share what we have learnt with you.

How I Source Information

For anything RC car-related, I first use my RC car. If there’s an article that requires how to fix something, I refer to my RC car. I also source information from the internet and youtube.

I have a few RC car books that are very helpful.

I have joined some RC Facebook groups. One that has helped me a lot is RC Bashers & Crashers. The members there have a wealth of experience and have answered many of my questions.

There’s a race track about 40 miles from where I live. I visit whenever I get a chance, and a few of the drivers answer some of my questions and give me tips.

My good friend Mark Lanham helps with anything drone-related. Mark has a DJI Mavic Pro platinum edition, hes been an enthusiast for the past five years.

Frank and Matt have a wealth of knowledge in RC cars, planes and helicopters. Matt is also a keen drone enthusiast.

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This is an awesome hobby, it suits people from all walks of life. I hope my site helps you with your journey in this great hobby.