About Me

Iv’e always loved anything RC. When I was seven years old, I did loads of small jobs and saved up for months and bought a Tamiya Monster Beetle and built it with the help of my Dad.

I used to love taking it out in the woods and sometimes the RC club near me let me race with them on their track, I am no expert racer though!

Fast forward to thirty or so years later, Ive got back into this hobby and me and my son go out on most weekends with our RC cars, theres loads of dirt tracks near where we live and we have so much fun. Its great and it drags him away from the playstation!

I started building this site to record and share what Ive learnt about this great hobby. Theres so much to learn and so many questions that need answering, especially if your’e a beginner. I hope you find my site really helpful.