Are Heng Long RC Tanks Any Good?

Heng long tanks are miniature versions of actual military-grade tanks. They can run and shoot around like real tanks. The bullets used in Heng Long Tanks are ball-bearing bullets that are capable of hurting and damaging people or animals. So, you have to take these tanks seriously. 

Heng Long tanks are excellent collectables for weapons enthusiasts. The smaller size and remote control might confuse some people. But these are far-far from children’s toys. You can think of them more like drones than helicopters. These tanks can operate on rough natural terrains and shoot bullets that hurt. 

If you are thinking about getting a Heng Long tank but have confusion about a certain aspect, read through this discussion to acquire more knowledge. It will answer a lot of your basic questions and help you make a decision. 

Are Heng Long Tanks Any Good?
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What Are Heng Long Tanks Made Of?

Heng long tanks are made from tough wear-resistant materials. As they mimic real-life tank models, heng long tanks need to be equally sturdy to live up to those names. Moreover, these tanks can shoot ball-bearing bullets. So, a strong structure is a must to balance the counter impact of firing. 

Heng Long tanks are made from a variety of materials. Plastic, Alloy Steel, Metal, ABS terpolymer, Zine Alloy, Pure Steel are the ingredients that go into making a Heng Long RC Tank. The various parts of the Heng Long tanks are made of different materials. Materials also vary according to models. 

Here’s a breakdown of the materials used in Heng Long Tanks, according to their parts-


Most Heng Longs have a steel gearbox these days. It is a recent upgrade from the manufacturers. A steel gearbox makes the model tanks more resistant to impacts. Moreover, a steel gearbox increases the service life of the model tank. 

Caterpillar Tracks

The Caterpillar Tracks come in direct contact with the hard surface of the ground. Moreover, when you drive the tank outdoors, it has to go over small obstacles like pebbles, stones, or others. This is why the Caterpillar tracks are made from metal. This is another recent upgrade from the company.

Sprocket Wheels And Idler Wheel

As with the Caterpillar Tracks, the Sprocket wheels and the Idler wheel also have to rage through natural conditions. Therefore, the manufacturers have upgraded them to metal too. The metal frame gives the Sprocket Wheels and Idle Wheel the weight and sturdiness to operate in rough terrain. 

Road Wheel 

The Road Wheel is made from plastic in average Heng Long tanks models.  Moreover, the plastic gives the tank fluidity in motion by cutting off extra weight and pressure. 

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Tires And Suspension Arms

Like the road wheels, the tires and suspension arms of the tank are made from plastic too. These parts don’t have to come in direct contact with the ground. 

So, the material is good enough for them. Plus, they help with movement and weight reduction. 

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How To Fire A Heng Long Tank?

Close up of an RC tank gun

The guns of a Heng Long can fire ball-bearing bullets. The shooting from these RC tanks is no joke. The ball-bearing bullets can cause serious damage if handled incorrectly. This is why the company has put safety precautions in the shooting process itself. 

  • Gun up and down: To shoot effectively, you should first learn to move your tank’s gun with ease. Use the ‘GUN UP DOWN’ joystick to move your tank’s gun. The gun can seamlessly alternate between up and down movements as long as you keep pressing on the joystick. If you are new, take some time to master this joystick.
  • Loading the bullets: To load the bullets open the Bullet Hatch. You can load around a hundred ball-bearing bullets at a time. Keep in mind that using non-compatible will cause damage to your tank. As per the manufacturers, do not use bullets over 6mm in diameter, bullets with an uneven surface, bullets that are ecocentric. 
  • Shooting:  To shoot, first you have to turn on the shooting switch. Then remove the shooting cap. The gun will not fire unless both the main and shooting switches are turned on. Press the BB SHOOT Joystick to fire your gun. As long as you keep pressing on the BB SHOOT joystick, the gun will continuously shoot. 

Precautions When Shooting A Heng Long Tank

The Heng Long RC tank is nothing even close to a toy. If you are careless with a gun, you can seriously injure yourself or others. So, when you are firing your tank, make sure you take optimum precautions.

  • Choose a suitable place: Don’t practice your shooting in a public place or any kind of crowded place. There is a good risk that you will injure a passer-by, interested children, or someone’s pet. So, do it someplace where there are fewer people. 
  • Use safety goggles: Everyone who takes part in the shooting and is on the scene should be wearing safety goggles. If you lose control of the GUN UP DOWN joystick while shooting, the gun might fire in some other direction than your target. Therefore, for the sake of your safety, wear goggles. 
  • Ricochet: If the BB bullet hits an impenetrable surface, the bullet might ricochet. This is the reason for most accidents related to shooting. So, always be mindful of where you are shooting and cover your body parts. 

How To Remove Heng Long Tank Tracks?

To remove the Heng Long tank tracks, you have to apply techniques and a few tools. If you do it with proper care and in the right way, you can easily change or remove the tracks without causing any damage to your equipment. 

The Structure Of The Heng Long Tank Tracks 

The Heng Long tank tracks are a wonderful piece of engineering. The tracks are fitted on the wheels in such a manner that they won’t come off during heavy-duty outdoor adventures. That’s why the removal is quite a bit of a process. 

For proper removal, you need to first understand the design of these tracks. The basic track of a Heng Long tank is essentially a chain. Intervening pins hold together the same sized metal or plastic pieces in place. One pin connects two pieces at a common axis. If you take any one of these pins out, the chain opens up. 

Things You Will Need 

To remove the tracks of your Heng Long Tank tracks, keep the following things at hand:

  • A pin that is similar in diameter to the connecting pins of the tracks. The length of the pin should be at least the same as the connecting pins or more. This pin should be strong enough to not bend under pressure. 
  • A screwdriver or a light hammer 
  • Pliers 
  • A small box or other raised surface. 

The Removal Process Of Heng long Tanks Tracks

The procedure for removing Heng long tank tracks is given below-

  • Turn the tank on its side and lay it on the raised surface. The surface should not be too far above the ground. So that if the tank falls while you are working, it won’t be damaged. 
  • The tank’s tracks and wheels are facing you from the side. This part of the tank needs to cross the edge of the raised surface. 
  • Find a suitable connecting point on the tracks. These are small pin-size holes between two adjoining metal pieces of the tracks. This is where the connecting pin inserts itself.
  • Now drive the other pin you have into the hole. If the pin is similar in size to the connecting pins, it should easily slide inside the hole. 
  • When the pin is in and you feel it pressing against the connecting pin, slowly start hammering on the pin you have put in. 
  • You will notice that the connecting pin is coming out the side. Using the pliers, gently grasp it and then slowly pull it out. Don’t use any excessive force, for that might damage the pin. 
  • As soon as the connector comes out, the track will open up and you remove it. 
  • Press on or support the track while working so that it is stable and not dangling around. 


The Heng Long tanks are perfect collectables for RC tank enthusiasts. Driving it around and firing the gun can be a wonderful way to spend some fun and quality time with your friend. 

Just be careful with the device to elongate its service life and to prevent any damage to yourself or others.

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