Are LiPo Batteries Safe? (Dangers And Safety Explained!)

So you know LiPo batteries. They’re in many of our beloved gadgets and RC devices. But one of the main questions while using them is: Are LiPo Batteries Safe?

As a general rule, LiPo batteries are safe when handled right. Although there is a slight fire hazard risk, most of the time they are fine and built to last long provided there is no physical damage or exposure to high temperature.

But if you still prefer to be on the safe side, you can get a LiPo battery-safe fireproof bag like this one (available on Amazon).

Curious to learn more about the safety and associated risks of LiPo batteries? Then stay tuned till the end as we will share not only the dangers of LiPo batteries but also how to use and store them safely.


LiPo Batteries: What Are They?

LiPo stands for Lithium Polymer. These batteries are similar to regular batteries you find in your TV remote but just with a small twist.

LiPo batteries for known for being powerful. They’re a big hit in the RC hobby world, powering everything from race cars to drones.

Here’s what makes them special:

  • Unlike some other batteries, they don’t weigh a ton. That makes them perfect for anything that needs to fly or move fast.
  • They pack a punch! More energy in a small package means more fun for your RC toys. (Considering the power and energy that LiPo batteries provide, you may be wondering how they can affect the speed of your RC car. To learn more, check this out: Will a LiPo battery make RC cars faster?)
  • You can find LiPo batteries in various shapes and sizes. That’s pretty handy for fitting them into tight spots.

By the way, if you’re fascinated by LiPo batteries in RC cars, you might be wondering about their lifespan. Check out our guide on how long LiPo batteries last in RC cars to learn more.

Now, the benefits of LiPo batteries sound pretty awesome, but here’s where it gets tricky…

How Dangerous Are LiPo Batteries?

Alright, let’s talk about the other side of the coin. With all that power and flexibility, there’s a catch. Here’s what you need to watch out for:

Types of Dangers:Overview:
FireCan catch fire if punctured, overcharged, or improperly stored
Chemical LeakageLeakage may cause skin irritation or damage to other components
Exposure to Extreme TemperaturesThis could lead to decreased efficiency or complete failure
Overcharging or DischargingThis can lead to overheating and potential explosion

Not all LiPos are made equal. Some manufacturers may cut corners, leading to thin separators between cells or poor sealing. These flaws increase the risk of short circuits and leakage. So it is always best to invest a good amount upfront and purchase a high-quality LiPo battery from a reputable source.

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How To Use LiPo Batteries Safely?

Lipo battery for my RC car

LiPo batteries don’t like being too full or too empty when they’re just sitting around. Keep them at around 50% charge if you’re not using them.

Use a proper charger that knows when to say “enough” and keeps your batteries just right. Here’s a smart LiPo Battery Balance Charger (available on Amazon). Balance chargers charge up each cell equally which is a good thing for your LiPo battery’s health.

You can also have protection circuits for LiPo batteries. They add an extra layer of safety that can help avoid nasty surprises.

Also, a quick check-up now and then never hurts. Look for swelling or any signs of damage. Any punctures or hard hits, and you’ll have a mess on your hands. Handle with care and avoid any physical damage.

Not all batteries are created equal. Buy from a reputable source that includes those essential protection circuits.

Every battery has its own comfort zone of voltage and current ratings. Stay within those lines, and you’ll have a happy battery. 

So, there you go! Follow these steps, and you’ll keep those LiPo batteries in the right condition, perfect and safe to use every time. Even though there are associated dangers with these batteries, most of the time you don’t need to worry about it all. Just maintain and use them in a standard way and you’re good to go!

Right Way To Charge And Store LiPO Batteries

Let’s get into the nitty-gritty of properly charging and storing LiPO (Lithium Polymer) batteries. 

  • First things first, stick with the recommended chargers, and you’ll see them perform like champs!
  • Keep an eye on your LiPO battery as it charges. Some chargers even come with fancy screens to show you the status, so you know when it’s done to perfection.
  • Now, the ideal Storage Voltage for a LiPo battery is 3.8 Volts Per Cell. So keep each cell at 3.8 volts.
  • Avoid the sun or a hot garage. A place that’s too warm can be bad for the LiPo battery.
  • Keep those batteries in metal containers or fireproof bags when not in use so that you can rest easy.

How to Know if LiPo Batteries Have Gone Bad:

  • Swelling or Puffing – If the battery looks bloated, it’s time to replace it.
  • Low Voltage – If it can’t hold a charge, it’s likely gone bad.
  • Physical Damage – Any noticeable tears or dents are a bad sign.
  • Bad Smell – An unpleasant odor could mean internal damage.

What To Do If A LiPo Battery Is Leaking

A leaking LiPo battery can be unsettling, but panicking won’t help. Before touching anything, put on gloves. That stuff coming out of the battery isn’t something you want on your skin. So, handle the battery with care.

Place the battery in a plastic bag or container, sealing it away.

Clean the area where the battery leaked with a mixture of baking soda and water. It’ll neutralize the leakage. 

Now don’t just throw the LiPo battery in the trash. Take it to a recycling center and they’ll take care of it. If the battery was in an RC device, give it a good look-over to check everything is all right.

Final Thoughts

LiPo batteries are known for their power and efficiency but must be handled with care due to associated risks like fire, or chemical leakage.

In short, they are safe to use, but you need to follow all the standard safety storage and usage requirements to ensure the LiPo batteries function efficiently without any issues.

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How Long Do LiPo Batteries Last In Storage?

In general, LiPo batteries can last up to 1-2 years in properly usable condition when stored in the right way. Ideally, they could last 4-5 years or more but they tend to degrade when kept in storage without any usage.

Can You Leave A LiPo Battery Charging Overnight?

It is fine if you leave a LiPo battery charging overnight, but it is always good to leave the battery on charge for the time it needs. Overcharging the LiPo battery is harmful and can reduce it longevity.

Are LiPo Batteries Safe To Store In House?

It is safe to store LiPo batteries in-house, however, there are some safety precautions that you need to ensure. For instance, it should be stored at a 50% charge level, at normal room temperature, and at 3.8 volts per cell.

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