Are Traxxas RC Boats Self-Righting? Here’s The Truth!

So you have got a Traxxas RC boat and enjoying racing it on the waters, right? But it’s really a major issue when your RC boat flips over. In that situation, it’s great if your RC boat has the self-righting feature.

Traxxas RC boats don’t have a self-righting feature by which they could self-right when they get flipped over. However, the Traxxas RC boats usually come with a Traxxas Stability Management (TSM) that is although not the same as the self-righting but can be helpful in keeping the RC boat stable.

Having said that, let’s dive in deeper and talk more about what a self-righting RC boat actually means, and other questions related to this topic. Without further ado let’s get started!

Are Traxxas RC Boats Self-righting?
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What Is A Self-Righting RC Boat?

In simple words, self-righting is a characteristic by which the RC boat can immediately right itself whenever it gets flipped over. It is the feature of an RC boat you can say that enables it to adjust itself almost instantly to its normal position after it topples over itself.

Here’s what it looks like when an RC boat self rights itself after toppling over:

The self-righting mainly works because of the three following reasons:

  • Boat Shape
  • Center Of Gravity
  • Center Of Buoyancy

In order to make the self-righting feature work in the boats, the center of gravity is decreased and the center of buoyancy is increased.

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Traxxas Self Righting Not Working?

If your Traxxas Self Righting not working then don’t worry because, in fact, it doesn’t have the self-righting feature!

I first thought that Traxxas RC boats will have the self-righting feature. But when I researched I realized that it was not the case.

I found a page where someone asked ‘Is there self-righting feature? What do you do when the boat is capsized?’ regarding the Traxxas Spartan: 36″ Brushless Race Boat.

Answering the question, one of the Traxxas Technical Support said that it has the Traxxas Stability Management (TSM) but is not the same as the self-righting. 

The support staff also highlighted the point that the way the boat is weighted, it would be unusual for the boat to remain upside down.

So what I could infer from this is that although the Traxxas RC boat has the TSM feature, it doesn’t have the self-righting feature. (As per, the TSM feature is not just for land vehicles but also available for Spartan and DCB M41 boats.)

I also found another answer on that page. Although it was not from support staff, it was from a hobbyist or a general user who shared his or her experience.

The user clearly pointed out that no, it is not self-righting. As per the user, when running 6s hard flipping is actually easy. Moreover, if it is windy or if the water is rippling then it will flip over.

The user highlighted that he/she has never seen his/her boat gets righted by itself nor has any of the boats of his/her friends righted itself.

In fact, the user suggests building a rescue boat if there’s no rowboat or kayak.

Researching more on this topic, I also came across a YouTube video where the person showed the Self Righting Traxxas Spartan.

What To Do When Traxxas RC Boat Flips Over?

Here are possible methods that can be taken to get back your flipped over Traxxas RC Boat:

#1. Taking A Rescue Boat

If your Traxxas RC Boat flips over then the first thing you can do to rescue it is use another rescue RC Boat.

The best thing about this method is that you get the chance of using another RC boat and it can be fun for you. However, you need to make sure that even if the rescue boat is not speedy enough, but at least powerful so that it can bring your Traxxas RC boat.

#2. Taking A Kayak

This is another method you can use to bring back your flipped-over Traxxas RC boat. 

However, the only downside is that you would not always be interested in taking out a real boat driving it in the waters to just get an RC boat, right? But yeah, it can be a helpful option if you have it.

#3. Using a Tennis Ball

A tennis ball can also be used to get back your flipped-over RC boat. Yes, you heard it right! You can just fasten your tennis ball to a line and then just aim and throw the ball on the RC boat. 

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Once the ball goes over the RC boat, then you can bring the toppled RC boat back to the shore. However, there’s a drawback to this method. It will only work if the distance between you and your Traxxas RC boat is such that you can throw the tennis ball.

#4. Using A Fishing Rod

If you know how to cast the line and have a fishing rod with you, then you might like trying out this method. 

Using a fishing rod you can just cast the line over your Traxxas flipped RC boat. You can have some sinkers or hooks in your line and once it is placed on properly, you can slowly reel the line in and bring the boat closer to you on the shore.

#5. Swimming by Yourself

If none of the methods works then this is probably the last option you can take and that is to swim up to your Traxxas flipped over RC boat and then bring it back. But again in this case also there is a drawback and that is you must know how to swim 🙂

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In short, no, Traxxas RC Boats are not self-righting. They have the (TSM) Traxxas Stability management feature, but still, it is not similar to the self-righting feature. 

So as an RC boat hobbyist you can either modify your boat if possible to make it fit for that self-righting. Or, just don’t bother about this issue that much and keep enjoying racing your Traxxas RC boat on the waters because there are several options by which you can rescue it, Right?

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