Broken RC Helicopter? Here’s What To Do

Radio-controlled helicopters are immense fun. There is almost nothing like piloting one of these machines through the air. The only trouble is, breaking an RC helicopter is very easy to do and often happens, especially for beginner RC pilots. Owners of a broken or crashed heli may be wondering, “what can I do with a broken RC helicopter?”

Broken RC helicopters can usually be repaired. Identify the broken components, order replacements, and use them to repair the helicopter. Otherwise, broken RC helicopters can be used to salvage parts for other RC craft, for building something new, or can be sold in the second-hand RC community.

A broken RC helicopter is a sorry sight, but a crash or some broken components do not have to be the end of the heli. There are several uses for broken RC helicopters, and they can often be repaired back to full working order. Let’s explore what to do with a broken RC helicopter.

RC Helicopter Broken? Here's What To Do

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What To Do With A Broken RC Helicopter

Owning and flying a radio-controlled helicopter is incredible fun until something goes wrong with the machine or the helicopter is crashed. This is a common occurrence, especially among beginner RC pilots and small RC helicopters. This leaves the pilot with the question, what to do with the helicopter now that it’s broken?

There are several avenues to take with a broken RC helicopter. The fact that the helicopter has been in a crash or some other incident causing damage does not mean that the helicopter is useless, and it does not necessarily mean that the machine will never fly again. 

The most obvious route to take is attempting to repair the RC helicopter. This is a challenging undertaking and should only be attempted by someone who has the patience and skills to complete such a task.

Another option is to salvage functioning parts from the RC helicopter to use as spare parts for other machines. This is a good option if the helicopter is broken beyond repair. There still may be useable parts that can be employed to repair other RC helicopters that use compatible components.

Salvaged parts may also be used to construct an entirely new RC machine. This is a good option for the very experienced RC builder.

The last option available for most broken RC helicopters is to sell the broken helicopter to an RC builder who can repair it or use the parts or take the broken machine apart and sell the functioning parts individually.

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These are the best options for a broken RC helicopter. There are not many other options available for a broken machine, so let’s explore each of these options to learn the best ways to accomplish them.

Repair The Broken RC Helicopter

The first option on the list for most RC pilots is to attempt to repair the broken helicopter. This is the best way to get the machine up and flying again. The most important step when attempting to make repairs is to identify the broken components.

The components that are most commonly damaged on RC helicopters include:

  • The blades
  • The landing struts
  • The tail
  • The canopy
  • The servo gears
  • The main shaft
  • The ball linkages
  • The washouts
  • The blade grips
  • Various connecting pins
  • The pushrods
  • The helicopter frame
  • The head axle
  • The wires and connectors

Look out for any of these components, as they are likely to be damaged in a crash. Identify any broken or damaged parts and order replacements from your local RC shop or from an online store.

Replacing the damaged or broken components is relatively simple to do, and there are several YouTube videos that outline the exact steps to take when repairing a broken RC heli.

Salvage Parts For Other RC Helicopters

If the helicopter is broken beyond repair, regardless of which parts you have to use as replacements, the machine may simply not function anymore. 

In this instance, a good option is to salvage any functioning parts for use in other RC helicopters. Most RC helicopters in the same or similar price brackets will use many of the same components.

This means that the functioning parts from one helicopter that is broken beyond repair can be used to save a different broken heli that can be repaired. This is one of the least wasteful ways forward with a broken RC helicopter.

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Use Parts To Build A New RC Machine

Another non-wasteful use for a broken RC helicopter is to use the still functioning parts to go towards building an entirely new RC craft.

This is a standard practice among master RC builders. Spare parts or components from broken machines are used to construct new RC crafts, creating unique and exciting machines from what would otherwise be thrown away.

This is an excellent use of broken helicopter parts and pushes the RC builder to expand their skills and create something new.

Sell Parts From The Broken RC Helicopter

The final option on this list of things to do with a broken RC helicopter is to sell parts from the helicopter. This is a common occurrence in the RC community, and there are always RC builders who are looking for spare parts to use for their machines or to use in a new build project.

Many RC helicopter components are interchangeable with other craft and so are often very sought after. This is a good way to use the functioning parts of the broken machine and recoup some of the money that you spent on the RC helicopter.

The entire broken helicopter may be sold, regardless of its condition, to a builder who is looking for the components contained therein. However, it is more lucrative to take the heli apart and sell the components individually.

This requires more time, effort, and skill, but RC helicopter components are of more value than a broken RC helicopter.


A broken RC helicopter is a sad sight, but these machines can almost always be repaired to flying condition. All it takes is some skill, practice, tie, and the right components to repair the craft.

If the machine cannot be repaired, or if you lack the skills or time to make the repairs to the craft, the components of a broken RC helicopter can be used for repairing other RC craft, for building a new RC machine, or they can be sold for decent money on the second-hand market.

If your RC heli is broken or damaged, don’t give up on it yet! There is always something very useful to be done with a broken helicopter or its components.

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