Best RC Sailboats For Beginners: Easy To Setup And Control

Whether you’re drawn to the serenity of sailing or the thrill of competition, I have the perfect recommendations to provide endless hours of enjoyment on the water.

But there are a few things to consider before we look at the boats.

One of the primary requirements of RC sailboats for beginners is their ease of setup and operation. All the boats that I suggest here come pre-assembled or require minimal assembly so you spend less time trying to figure things out and more time sailing.

User-friendly controls further enhance the sailing experience, especially for beginners. You don’t need anything too big or expensive to get into RC sailboating, as you’ll see from the reviews below.

Taking your sailboat out onto the waters can be both exciting and daunting. To ease the learning curve, you should practice in calm conditions, learn basic sailing techniques, and connect with experienced sailors through online communities. These resources provide valuable insights and support for novice sailors.

rc sailboats for beginners

Best RC Sailboats For Beginners:

#1. Playsteam Voyager 400

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  • Height: 26.5 inches (672mm) from the bottom of the keel to the top of the mast
  • Width: 4 inches. (100mm)
  • 2-channel transmitter for sail angle and water rudder control
  • Battery Requirement: 4 X AA batteries for the transmitter. LiPo battery included for powering the receiver and servos
  • Takes about 15 minutes for the LiPo battery to charge via the transmitter port.
  • Frequency: 2.4GHz

The PlaySTEAM Voyager 400 is an ideal option for all newcomers to the hobby. It’s got a user-friendly design and hassle-free setup so you can hit the water immediately after charging the battery.

It’s also equipped with a 2-channel transmitter and offers precise control over sail angle and water rudder to ensure seamless maneuvering on the water.

The compact size and vibrant color options provide a personalized sailing experience for enthusiasts of all ages. While the sailboat’s speed depends on wind conditions, it offers hours of entertainment on calm water surfaces.

You shouldn’t use it during gusty winds or heavy waves because it could damage the sailboat.

Sailing an RC boat is tons of fun, but only with the right transmitter. Want to know which remotes work best for controlling those little sailboats? See our top 3 picks for best transmitter for an RC sailboat.

#2. 280 Voyager RC Sailboat

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  • Overall Height: 17.5 inches (44.45 cm)
  • Servo: 2 x 9-gram Servos
  • Battery: 3.7V 150mAh Li-Po battery
  • Radio System: 3-channel control
  • Pre-assembled: Yes

The PLAYSTEAM Voyager 280 Motor Powered Sailboat offers an exciting sailing experience for beginners and enthusiasts alike.

Available in vibrant red and blue colors, this sailboat features a detachable electric motor, allowing for indoor sailing or outdoor sessions when there’s no wind. With no assembly required and a smaller size, it’s perfect for use in pools or ponds.

It has a 3-channel transmitter so you can change the sail angle for precise maneuvering on the water. Equipped with two 9-gram servos and a 3.7V 150mAh Li-Po battery, this sailboat ensures extended playtime and reliable performance.

The built-in battery charger in the transmitter adds to the convenience.

The motor enables the sailboat to move forward and backward, preventing it from getting stuck in complex environments or situations with no wind or loss of control, ensuring it can always return to shore.

RC sailboats look cool, but actually sailing them can be tricky at first. If you’re new to this hobby, check out this complete guide on how to sail and RC sailboat step-by-step.

#3. Rage RC B1302 Eclipse

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  • Hull Material: Blow-molded ABS
  • Servo: 17g “drum-style” winch servo
  • Included (8 AA batteries for transmitter and servos)
  • 2.4GHz interference-free radio System
  • Pre-assembled
  • Partially pre-rigged sails

The RAGE RC B1302 Eclipse offers versatility suitable for both beginners and experienced RC sailors. Crafted with a blow-molded ABS hull, it has amazing durability against the elements. Its pre-applied trim design adds an attractive aesthetic to your boat.

Of course, it’s pre-assembled with partially pre-rigged sails, the Eclipse 650 offers convenience and ease of setup, making it ideal for quick outings on your local lake or pond.

Featuring a 17g “drum-style” winch servo, this sailboat delivers smooth and scale-like operation, enhancing your overall sailing experience.

Additionally, the RTR (Ready-to-Run) package includes a 2.4GHz interference-free radio system and all necessary batteries, ensuring you have everything you need to get started right out of the box.

With its compact size, the Eclipse 650 is easy to transport, fitting comfortably in the back seat or trunk of your car for on-the-go sailing adventures.

Running out of battery in the middle of your RC boating adventure can be really frustrating. Avoid it by learning how long an RC boat battery takes to charge fully so that you can get a smooth sailing experience.

#4. VOLANTEXRC RC Sailboat Compass

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  • Overall Length: 650mm (25.6 inches)
  • Hull Width: 135mm (5.3 inches)
  • Total Height: 1365mm (53.7 inches)
  • Weight: 1350g
  • Servo: 17-gram Servo, 3kg winch servo
  • Battery: 4 AA batteries for the boat and 4 AA batteries for the Transmitter (not included)

The VOLANTEXRC RC Sailboat 791-1 COMPASS is a sturdy choice even for more advanced sailors. It’s 95% prebuilt so you can swiftly take to the water. Despite its small size, it boasts impressive components, like a mini-sail winch servo and a reliable 2.4GHz radio system.

The sailboat has an intricately designed hull made from blow-molded ABS plastic to ensure durability and an awesome appearance. Its compact size not only facilitates ease of use but also enables operation in smaller bodies of water. It also makes transportation much easier.

The COMPASS is Pre-rigged and assembled and requires minimal setup. All you need to do is install the required AA batteries for the receiver and transmitter.

The unibody ABS plastic hull enhances durability and offers a crack-resistant construction. The deck is sealed and water resistant, with a hatch to safeguard internal electronic components.

Wish you could sail your RC boat faster? Check out this detailed guide on how to make your RC boat go faster for cool tips and tricks.


RC sailboats serve as an accessible and exhilarating way for beginners to delve into the world of RC sailing.

Whether you want the simplicity of the PlaySTEAM Voyager 400, the versatility of the Rage RC B1302 Eclipse, or the affordability of the VOLANTEXRC RC Sailboat Compass, you’re sure to find a boat suited to your preferences and aspirations.

You need to get used to how the wind and water conditions affect your boat to avoid potential risks. Always perform maintenance practices to prolong the lifespan of your sailboat and get a longer lifespan.

Personalizing your RC sailboat by choosing certain colors adds a unique touch to your sailing experience. Many models offer a variety of color choices, so you can select a design that reflects your personality.

By the way, would you like to build your own RC boat from scratch? Then head over to this detailed guide on all the essential things you need to build an RC boat.

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