Smoking RC Burnout-Is It Possible?

Some people think the thought of trying to get their RC car to do a smoking burnout is absolutely daft, but others may think that trying to make their RC tires smoke would be the coolest thing ever.

I’ve looked into this crazy but cool idea to see if it can be done.

So, can RC cars do a burnout? Yes, it’s possible to get an RC car to do a burnout, it’s much easier to do with a 1/5 scale car due to its extra weight. It is possible to do a burnout with smaller RC vehicles but weight needs to be added to the front so the car stays put while braking, allowing the rear tires to spin and create smoke.

In this article we will look into which RC vehicles can do a burnout, why do a burnout and how to make RC tires smoke.

Which RC Vehicles Can Do A Burnout?

The bigger the RC car, the easier it is to do a burnout. The weight from a large RC car holds the car to the surface so the car stays put while braking, allowing the rear tires to rip and start smoking.

Most RC vehicles can do a burnout, it’s just finding the best way to do it.

1/5 scale cars can do it pretty easy due to their weight and most of them have disk brakes on all 4 wheels so by getting the brake balanced to the front, it should be quite easy to get the rear tires to smoke.

On-road cars can do a burnout due to the tires not being so wide, being smaller in diameter and not having a thick tread, also with the wheel size being smaller, these factors help to make the tires spin easier.

Most RC Trucks and bashers have really good tread on their tires and due to the large size of their wheels, makes it hard to do a burnout, it usually ends up by your truck doing a wheelie. Try some diesel fuel on the surface and you could see the tires of your truck spinning like they’re on ice! Do this too long and they could catch on fire.

Why do an RC Burnout?

With so many cool things we can do with our RC vehicles, a burnout could be at the top of the list of fun things to do.

Well, there are reasons for doing a burnout but not necessarily spinning the tires that much they wear off the rims and just having some fun!

Apart from the fun aspect, any more than 2-3 seconds of doing a burnout is said to be a waste of time, the purpose of doing a burnout is to heat your tires up to make them sticky so they grip better to the surface. This is done in drag racing, they usually use bleach, sometimes mixed with water, in the burnout lane just before they get to the lights, this helps the tires to break free easy.

How to Create Smoke With Your RC Vehicle.

There are artificial ways to get your tires to smoke like trying vegetable/ olive oil on the surface.

There are smoke generators that you can add to your vehicle. RC Smoke generators can create smoke coming from your RC vehicle to produce more realism when driving without ruining your tires.

An RC smoke generator can be added to most RC models. Whether you own an RC car, truck, a plane or even an RC tank, realism can be added by an RC smoke generator.

If youre just considering doing a burnout, you need to keep in mind that a smoke generator could cost as much, probably more than a new set of tires.

How to Do A Smoking RC Burnout.

If you want to see if your vehicle can do a burn out without doing any alterations, just put your RC vehicle against a wall, accelerate to the max and see if you can get your tires to smoke.

Depending on the quality and type of RC vehicle, you could possibly damage it by attempting a burnout. Apart from ruining your tires, the motor could get damaged as well.

The general idea to get the rear wheels to smoke, as said above, is to add weight to the front of the car so the brakes can lock, allowing the rear tires to spin.

If you really want to do a cool smokey burnout, there’s a few alterations you need to do, the following are just a few to mention:

Alter the motor/gearing ratio to get the rear wheels to spin as fast as possible.

Weight is a major factor, unless you have a big RC vehicle, get some weight to the front. You may have to make some space at the front or create a way to get weight there, this could mean altering the set-up of you car to allow for this.

Balancing the brake to the front of your vehicle.

Consider the compound of your tire, whether a soft compound or a hard compound, you need to see what works best for your RC vehicle.

These are just a few factors to consider, As you can see, this is for someone that likes to tinker with their vehicle. If you’re not much of an expert at playing around with the different parts on your car, attempting a proper burn-out could be more of a problem than its worth.

Watch the following video to help you decide if attempting a burn-out is really for you.

What’s Involved To Perform A Front Wheel RC Burnout?

To perform a front wheel burnout you need to change the set-up of your RC vehicle so the motor and gearing are at the front and setting some good disc brakes up at the back, adding some weight if neccesary.

A front wheel burnout works better on a rough surface.

You may find that a burnout is hard to do on a smooth surface. The rear wheels build up with dust from the surface making braking more slippy and the front ones get more grippy from the build-up of dust.

Again you need to do a lot of playing around with the components on your car so it can perform correctly to do a front-wheel burnout, but its definitely possible!


So a smoking RC burnout can definately be done. Its down to you if you think that its something you would try out.

It takes some knowledge, time and some expense to do a decent burnout.

Throughout this article, You shouldve learned:

  • A burnout is easier with a heavier vehicle like a 1/5 scale car.
  • With some alterations, most RC cars can do a burnout.
  • The purpose of doing a burnout is mainly in RC drag racing unless you’re just looking to have some fun!
  • If your reasons for creating smoke from your RC vehicle are different from doing a smoking RC burnout, you may consider purchasing an RC smoke generator.

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