The Best Drones Under 250 Grams With Detailed Review

Best Drones Under 250 Grams

If you want a drone for recreational purposes and want to avoid the bells and whistles of registering it, selecting drones under 250 grams is the right decision. That is not to say there are still a couple of options available in this category of drones – enough to overwhelm you!

But don’t worry, because you are in the right spot. We have done the hard work for you to choose the best drones under 250 grams.

In a hurry? Check out our top picks below!

Pick Type:Best OverallValue For MoneyBest Budget
DronesDJI Mini 3 ProHolystone HS510Contixo F22 
Flight Range18 km600-800 m548.6 m
Flight Time34 min16 min15 min
Reason To PickExcels In All AspectsOffers Decent Features For The PriceBest Option For Tight Budget
Current PriceCheck HereCheck HereCheck Here

Keep reading if you want to check out the detailed reviews of each of these drones and more.

#1. DJI Mini 3 Pro

When it comes to drones, DJI is one of the top-reputed brands in the industry, well-known for their quality-built drones. And with the DJI Mini 3 Pro version, they haven’t disappointed their fans! The DJI Mini 3 Pro is the most expensive drone on our list, with the best features.


  • Picture Quality: With this drone, you can shoot 4K quality videos at 60 fps. And it comes with the support of a 48 mp camera.
  • Design: The drone has a nice, compact design yet is feature-loaded.
  • Flight Time: In general, you get around 34 minutes of flight time with this drone which is enough to enjoy flying and capturing things.
  • Remote Control: The drone comes with the latest DJI RC, a 5.5-inch HD display, and the DJI Fly app already installed.

What I Like:

The first thing I like about the drone is its tri-directional obstacle avoidance system.

If you buy a drone to fly it for the first time, accidents will likely happen in the first few days of your learning. But thanks to the optimized obstacle sensors that allow you to fly your drone without much panic!

The next best thing about the DJI Mini 3 Pro is the extended battery life. The flight time of a drone is one of the crucial aspects in deciding whether or not to buy the drone. The more the flight time, the longer you can fly it on a single charge. With the DJI Mini 3 Pro, you can’t go wrong in flight time. 

The company suggests a maximum flight time of 34 minutes with their intelligent flight batteries installed.

Now, in real-life conditions, wind can affect flight time. But still, on average, you can expect at least 25 minutes of battery life with the Mini 3 Pro, which is a good thing for a drone.

Usually, drones in the top-class category offer a longer battery life, like 20-30 minutes. However, if you were to choose a mid-class drone, you’d have to expect only around 15-20 minutes of battery life.

Another thing that impressed me about this drone is the superb camera quality! The DJI Mini 3 Pro is one of the latest models in the DJI’s mini-series drones. And compared to its previous versions, improvements can be noticed in terms of camera and sensors.

The drone features a maximum aperture of f/1.7, and you can shoot good-looking photos with a 48 mp camera.

Moreover, there is an interesting feature in which the gimbal of the drone has the ability to rotate to around 90°. This allows you to shoot better portrait pictures, especially for social media.

What I Didn’t Like:

With all the benefits, the only major con with this drone is its price. For a drone under 250 g, DJI Mini 3 Pro still turns out to be quite expensive. For instance, the cost of this drone is almost four times more than the cost of the Holy Stone HS510 drone.

Pros And Cons

Higher Flight TimeQuite Expensive
Good Camera Quality
Obstacle Avoidance Feature Present
Compact And Lightweight Design

Who Should Buy And Why?

If your budget is limited or you already have a drone with similar features (like the Autel Evo Nano+), it’s a good idea to wait a bit more and think before finally purchasing this drone.

However, if you are a DJI Brand fan and looking for a drone with a longer lifespan and good picture quality, then the DJI Mini 3 Pro is the right option for you.

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#2. Holystone HS510

Holystone is another well-known brand in the drone industry. Compared to DJI, the drones Holystone are usually cheaper. 

Due to the cost reduction, a relative reduction in key aspects like design, weight, and flight time is expected.

However, they offer decent features for the price, and their drones are perfect for newbie drone enthusiasts. Holystone HS510 is one of the drones that fit the under 250 grams drone category.


  • Picture Quality: The Holystone Drone features a 4K ultra HD camera. You can shoot 4k videos at 16 fps with this drone.
  • Design: It is compact and foldable, fulfilling the criteria of being under 250 grams.
  • Flight Time: The drone offers around 16 minutes of flight time which is not too bad considering the price point the product is available.
  • Brushless Motor: The drone is powered by four powerful brushless motors.

What I Like:

The first thing I like the most is the cost of the drone. Holystone has a reputation for offering decent quality products at a cheaper price. And they have proved it with this HS510 version as well.

Although this particular drone is not highly advanced like the DJI Mini 3 Pro, it still has sufficient features, especially for beginner drone pilots.

Another noteworthy thing about the Holystone HS510 drone is its portability. The drone has a compact design and comes with a carrying case. If you do a lot of outdoor activities like camping and taking your drones with you, then portability is an added benefit for you.

If you are just thinking of getting your hands on a drone, then the HS510 is one of the best options. You can learn to operate the drone in slow mode and get the feel of handling the controls.

This drone excels particularly in terms of durability, which is a good thing, especially when you are a newbie drone pilot.

And not just beginners but drone mishaps can happen even with experienced pilots; for instance, any drone can sometimes get caught in a heavy gust of wind.

But usually, with this Holystone HS510 drone, you won’t have to worry about occasional mishaps like that – thanks to its durability!

What I Didn’t Like:

The first thing I didn’t like about this drone is its flight time which is less than 20 minutes. Next, the camera quality is decent enough but not very impressive.

Pros And Cons

Affordable PriceAverage Flight Time And Camera
Highly Portable
Quite Durable

Who Should Buy And Why?

It may not be the ideal choice if you are looking for a drone, especially for photography and the best quality video shooting.

But if you are looking for a durable and beginner-friendly drone that offers all the decent features at an affordable price range, then the Holystone HS510 is your perfect pick!

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#3. Contixo F22

Contixo is a California-based American brand of robotics, computers, and educational toys. If you have a limited budget and still want a decent drone to test your flying skills, Contixo F22 is one of the best picks.


  • Picture Quality: The drone features a 2K full HD camera with support for WiFi.
  • Design: The drone is small enough to carry everywhere when folded and portable.
  • Flight Time: The drone offers 15 minutes of flight time which is not too much but still decent to enjoy the flying experience.
  • Gesture Control: The drone comes with a gesture control feature that makes your job shooting a still photo or recording a video a bit easier.

What I Like:

The first thing I like the most is the affordability of the drone. It is the cheapest drone in this list of drones under 250 grams.

The next best thing about this is the ease of use. Spending a little time with the drone and familiarizing yourself with the controls, the drone becomes easy to use. In addition, flying the drone is not too difficult.

The return-to-home feature of the drone works pretty well. So even if you are flying the drone in an area with weak GPS signal, you can expect the return-to-home feature to do its job accurately.

What I Didn’t Like:

The drone’s design is not that great and lacks a modern feel. The camera quality is not 4K but still good – considering the price range. 

Pros And Cons

Quite CheapThe Camera Is Not 4K
All The Necessary Features IncludedFlight Time Is Less
Easy To Fly
Small And Lightweight

Who Should Buy And Why?

If you are looking for a drone with the best camera quality or flight time, this drone is not for you.

However, if you are looking for a drone with all necessary features to get the feel of flying a pro-level drone yet at a lower price – then this drone is for you.

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Final Verdict

When you buy a drone under 250 grams, design and size won’t be a big concern. What matters the most is the things like:

  • Features
  • Camera Quality
  • Flight Time
  • Cost
  • Brand

Are you a beginner looking for a simple drone to learn and test your skills?

Then buying an expensive model of Drone like the ones offered by DJI won’t be the right choice. In that case, looking for lower-end models (like Contixo F22 or HolyStone HS510) with decent enough flight times is better. 

However, if you are a mid-level or advanced drone pilot and want a drone for professional shooting purposes, investing in a good-quality drone like DJI Mini 3 Pro is a good decision.

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Why Do Drones Need To Be Under 250g?

Drones under 250 grams are not needed to be registered with the FAA, so drone enthusiasts try to buy such drones to save themselves from the hassle. In 2015, a committee chose 250 grams as the minimum threshold weight for registering with the FAA.

Can I Fly A Under 250g Drone Anywhere?

Generally, even if your drone is under 250g, you still need to follow all the standard drone flying rules. So you must follow all the general drone flying guidelines, for instance, flying the drone below 400 ft and avoiding airspace-restricted areas.

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