Do Brushless RC Motors Lose Power Over Time?

Brushless motors are very efficient when it comes to RC cars. But that’s not why you’re here. You’re wondering if your brushless motor is eternal.

As a whole, brushless RC motors don’t lose power over time, but current load, bad insulation and corroded bearings can cause a brushless motor to lose power. High RPM’s can cause a brushless motor to overheat.

If you wish to know more on why they don’t lose power, then please continue reading! I will explain them in detail along with the other factors that can cause issues in the long run. I will also talk about how to maintain them.

Do Brushless RC Motors Lose Power Over Time?
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Why Brushless Motors Don’t Lose Power

Brushed motors require brushes and commutators to keep the motor rotating. This in turn increases the RPM of the motor quickly to generate electrical energy. But such designs wither away over time. The friction between the commutators and brushes is the main reason. Hence, these motors have a lifespan of about 1000–3000 hours. 

In the case of brushless motors, the design is significantly different. Both work on the principle of attraction and repulsion of magnetic force, which is done by the rotor. The brushed motors maintain this phenomenon through brushes and commutators. The brushless ones use electrical impulses to maintain this rotation.

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Due to this, there is no physical gear or brushes. As a result, they spin faster and produce more electricity. Brushless motors have a lifespan of about 10,000 hours. So, that is more than a year. I know it’s not eternal, but that’s still a very long time! Also, if you maintain it properly, you can easily extend those hours!

But don’t think that these motors are free from corrosion or disruption. Due to internal and external factors, everything loses power over time. These motors are also the same. So, you will need to look out for these factors. Also, knowing how you can tackle them is necessary.  

Factors That May Cause Brushless Motors to Lose Power

As awesome as brushless motors are, they are still machinery. This means there will be other reasons why they might break down. So, I’m going to talk about the prominent ones.

Current Load

As you know, the purpose of these motors is to generate electricity. But too much of it can be harmful.

These motors have a certain load of holding energy.

This excess electricity produces a lot of heat. Excess heat demagnetizes the rotor, which maintains the RPM. This may lead to the disruption of the functioning of the motor and wear it down.

High RPMs

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Brushless motors come with a remote control to maintain and monitor the rotation speed. If you use it at a higher RPM than recommended. The higher RPM will create more electric energy, but also a tremendous amount of heat! 

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This heat can burn the enamel coatings provided inside the circuitry and windings of the motor. As a result, a short circuit or a power surge might occur. Sometimes they can get destroyed completely.

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Improper Insulation

To put it simply, the motors run, create energy, and pass it around in a “three-phase” electrical way. Improper insulation may cause circuits to change their electrical direction. They need to be unidirectional. 

Such faults between phases or with the ground have the potential to destroy the motor as well as electrocute you! So, faulty insulation can really damage your brushless motor. Insulations can happen due to situations like over-voltage, under-voltage, or fluctuating voltage levels. 

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Corroded Bearings

Harsh environments corrode the bearings of the motor. Sometimes, the lubricant might also dry out, which creates too much friction between the bearings. This might lead to the shaft getting slanted or rumpled. Such misalignment may lead to excess friction between the stator and rotor. The stator is like the base of the motor.

It contains all the coils and the rotor, along with its magnets. So, if there’s too much heat and friction, the rotor might stop spinning properly over time. The rotor is the internal fan that can run up to 10,000 RPM. The ambient heat absorber might also get overheated, and your motor might stop spinning altogether.

Another thing that could happen is the corrosion of the rotor. Also, the glued metals can lose their properties and slow down the internal rotation. So, these are some of the things that can cause brushless motors to lose power over time. But don’t worry! 

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Things You Can Do To Maintain Your Brushless Motor

So, I’ve talked about how brushless motors can lose power. But is there anything you can do about it? Well, of course! All things have a fix, and this is no exception. Proper maintenance is key. Follow these steps to maintain your brushless motors to help them run for a longer period of time.

  • Air compressors are very good for cleaning the chassis of a brushless motor.   
  • Make sure to maintain the rotation speed of the motor using the remote control. I’ve already mentioned what could happen if you don’t.
  • Check for faulty circuitry and worn-down wires. Make sure the insulating material and coatings given to them are properly functioning. You can buy fresh circuits from hobby shops or online. So, don’t destroy your motor using faulty wires. To know more about different wirings of brushless motors, I highly encourage checking out this guide about why do brushless motors contain 3 wires.
  • Additionally, you must inspect and clean the motor. You can use normal tools to clean it. Make sure to clean up all the dust and other unwanted particles.
  • Bearings play a vital role in the proper running of the rotor. So, replace those bearings as soon as they corrode. Ensure they are properly lubricated to avoid excess friction. 
  • Make sure the magnets are also properly aligned. Check if they are still magnetic in nature. If they are not replaced as soon as possible.

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Don’t think for a second that brushless motors are immune from wearing down. If you don’t maintain them, they might lose power quicker than expected. So, if you want to get the most out of your motor. Inspect every nook and cranny on a regular basis.


So, do brushless RC motors lose power over time? In short, unlike brushed motors, they do not lose power over time. However, factors, such as bearings, current load, higher RPMs, insulation, and improper maintenance, might still wear them down.

That is why you must inspect, clean, and replace any necessary parts to keep them in good working order. If you do this every week or so, you will see an increase in its efficiency and overall longevity. Hopefully, you found this article helpful. Please keep an eye out for more articles like this!

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