What Is The Best RC Rock Crawler On The Market? Top 4 Picks!

There are too many articles listing 10 or 20 different crawlers when you only asked which are the best. Here, I’m only suggesting the very best rock crawler I’ve experienced, along with a few others that are the best for other reasons.

The best RC rock crawler on the market is the Redcat Racing TC8 Marksman. It’s a big 1/8 crawler with amazing suspension, motor, and electronics, it’s the best RC rock crawler in terms of performance. On a low budget, the 1/10 DANCHEE RidgeRock is the best as it outperforms all others in its range.


My previous choice for “Best RC Crawler” was the Traxxas TRX4 1/10 because there was nothing better at the time. Fast forward to 2021, and Redcat Racing releases a remarkable 1/8 scale crawler with the body of a Jeep.

I’ll give you all the information you need about the Redcat Crawler and compare it with the Traxxas TR4. If these high-end options are out of your price range, I’ve listed three other crawlers that are best in their price range.

#1. Redcat Racing TC8 Marksman RC Crawler 1/8

I’ve been playing with RC cars for a long time and tried many different models and brands. But for crawling, none can compare to the TC8 Marksman. Here’s why.

The TC8 Marksman is very big and powerful. It is 1/8 scale, the biggest premium RC crawler on the market. It has a strong motor and a durable chassis that can handle any terrain. It steadily crawls over rocks, sand, mud, grass, and even snow. It has steady and reliable power at slow speeds to get over steep obstacles.

The crawler is beautifully realistic with a detailed body that looks like a real crawler. It has working headlights, and taillights that light up when I turn it on. It has realistic tires and wheels that grip on pretty much any surface. It also has a lot of accessories that make it look good, like a roof rack, spare tire, winch, snorkel, and more.

The 2.4GHz radio system makes sure there’s no interference. It’s four-wheel drive and can also switch between high and low gears depending on the obstacle at hand.

This is the best-performing RC crawler because of its size and high-end parts. It’s simply bigger than competitors like the Traxxas TRX4, and I mean physically, not by scale. It’s longer and wider than the TRX4 and also has a wider wheelbase.

Add to that some high-quality electronics and hardware and you have the ultimate RC rock crawler money can buy, and it’s still cheaper than the TRX4.

The TC8 Marksman is 296mm (11.65 inches) wide and 577mm (22.72 inches) long. The wheelbase is 367mm (14.45 inches), and the ground clearance is 50mm (1.97 inches).

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You can also check the latest price on Redcat Racings official website.

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#2. Traxxas TRX4 1/10

The TRX4 is a close runner-up for “best RC crawler” for a few reasons.

The ground clearance is an impressive 80mm (3.15 inches), so even though the wheelbase, length, and width are a bit shorter than the Marksman, it still keeps up on an obstacle course due to its excellent ground clearance.

The solid portal axles reduce torque twist to a minimum and hold up well on the bumpy off-road course. It turns very sharply in tight situations and some might see the slightly smaller size as an advantage, depending on the course.

It also has a low and high-speed transmission for total control in technical situations. Of course, everything is waterproof like the Redcat Marksman but neither vehicle should be fully submerged and driven underwater during normal operation.

If you get the vehicle wet, make sure to clean and dry it afterwards to avoid corrosion.

There’s a cruise control feature so you can set the speed to a slow pace while navigating through small trails or bridges. This helps a lot in situations where you need consistent and steady speed, like crawling over surfaces with low traction.

Overall, the TRX4 is just as reliable and impressive as the Redcat Marksman, but it’s far more expensive and a bit smaller. Those are the two reasons why I believe the Marksman to be better than the TRX4.

I found that the TRX4 has a plastic servo horn, mine hasn’t given any problems but when it does, I’ll be upgrading to the TRX4 metal servo horn which is much stronger.

The TRX4 is 249mm (9.8 inches) wide and 586mm (23.1 inches) long. The wheelbase is 324mm (12.8 inches), and the ground clearance is 80mm (3.14 inches).

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There are many versions of the Traxxas TRX, all available on Amazon.

#3. DANCHEE RidgeRock 4WD 1/10

The Danchee RidgeRock is the best entry-level RC crawler because it’s so cheap but still has all the features you need in a crawler. This RC car is made by RedCat Racing, a very reputable brand.

It’s much lighter than the other premium crawlers but doesn’t lack much in size. It has a whopping 81mm ground clearance! That’s more than the Marksman and the TRX4.

But obviously, it’s not as powerful as those models. You may find yourself wedged between rocks and unable to move forward or back as I did, but you’ll find that you can get stuck with any crawler. At this price point, you’ll find nothing better.

It comes with a battery, charger, and 2.4GHz radio so you have everything you need in the box. The battery lasted about 24 minutes on my last run.

There’s a motor for each axle, allowing it to drive forward, backward, and even sideways!

The DANCHEE-RIDGEROCK is 230mm (9 inches) wide and 440mm (17.2 inches) long. The wheelbase is 320mm (12.6 inches), and the ground clearance is 81mm (3.2 inches).

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You can also check out the DANCHEE RidgeRock on Redcat Racings official site.

#4. Axial RC Truck SCX24 4WD 1/24

The Axial SCX24 is the best crawler of its size. This is the crawler for you if you plan on tackling smaller obstacle courses, it’s so small, that you could set up a challenging run in your bedroom!

This is the only RC car in my fleet that I trust my son with indoors. It’s 98mm (3.9 inches) wide and 222mm (8.75 inches) long. The wheelbase is 132mm (5.19 inches), and the ground clearance is 25mm (1 inch).

I think you’ll be as surprised as I was when I saw the amount of traction this little crawler has. It’s pretty much all plastic just like the DANCHEE, but that’s what you can expect in this price range.

The Axial SCX24 is perfect for beginners or anyone looking for some RC fun on a budget. It’s also perfect for young kids because it’s not as big and fast as the expensive options.

There are also plenty of upgrades available for this model.

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In Summary

If you’re serious about RC rock crawling, the Redcat Marksman is the best in terms of size and performance. On a budget, the DANCHEE RidgeRock and Axial SCX24 are the best crawlers in terms of quality and performance in their range.

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