Can A Nitro RC Car Be Run In The Rain?

It’s really fun driving your nitro RC car. But if it rains while you are having fun with your nitro RC car then your all fun may get ruined. Can a nitro RC be run in the rain?

As a general rule, a nitro RC car can be run in light rain. However, it is not recommended to use nitro RC cars in the rain because moisture can damage any mechanical component, especially the metallic parts that can get rust if exposed to moisture.

Can Nitro RC Cars Run In Rain?
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Having said that, let’s dive in deeper and talk more about whether or not nitro RC cars are waterproof, and how to take care of them if used in the rain. So without further ado, let’s get started!

Are Nitro RC Cars Waterproof?

Nitro RC cars are not fully waterproof. In general, most RC cars that are available nowadays have waterproof components. However, that doesn’t mean that we can fully submerge our nitro RC car in water or use it in heavy rain.

The waterproof components are meant to tolerate only a moderate amount of water such as light water splash when you run your nitro RC car through a puddle or light rain.

But if you decide to use your nitro RC car in heavy rain and let it get wet then the chances of having internal parts of the nitro RC car damaged will surely be high.

The main thing that separates a nitro RC car from an electric RC car is that nitro RC cars use an engine that is fueled by methanol-based fuel. (Source:

So now, you might argue that, unlike electric RC cars, nitro RC cars having fewer or almost no electrical components. So there shouldn’t be any worry about water, right?

Well, note that moisture can get into the sparking mechanism of your nitro RC car and can get sucked into the motor’s exhaust, thus causing damage to the engine.

Also, a nitro RC car can have metal parts such as axels, bearings, drivetrains, etc. which, when exposed to moisture can start to be damaged. 

Even if you may not notice anything at first if you use a nitro RC car in the rain. But gradually, you will start noticing the bad impact of water on those metallic and other internal parts of your RC car.

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How To Know If A Nitro RC Car Is Waterproof?

As said, no RC car is fully waterproof. There will be some components in a nitro RC car which when exposed to water, rain, or moisture, will start getting damaged.

But still, if we can get at some sort of assurance from the manufacturer that a particular RC car is waterproof then it will at least give you some relief, right?

So the best way to know if your nitro RC car is waterproof or not, whether it can be run in the rain or not, is to just check in your nitro RC car manual.

You can also check out your nitro RC car’s manufacturer’s website to find details about whether or not your nitro RC car is water-resistant.

Generally, RC cars are meant to be used in all kinds of terrain. And that means that usually, the manufacturers of the RC cars will have taken care of water-resistant parts of the RC cars at least up to some extent.

Modern manufacturers are making certain parts of our RC cars water-resistant, especially you will likely find this thing in the costlier models of RC cars.

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So in general you won’t have any major issues if you use your nitro RC car in light rain or for just crossing a small puddle.

However, it is advised to not use the nitro RC car in heavy rainfall or submerge your RC car in a deep puddle. 

How To Take Care Of Nitro RC Cars In The Rain?

Now if you have checked and found out that your nitro RC car isn’t waterproof. But you have no choice other than to use it the rain may be because you are living in a zone where it rains quite often.

Or maybe, you just want to use the nitro RC car in the rain for fun. Whatever may be the case, here are some of the things you can do if your nitro RC car isn’t waterproof.

  1. Seal the radio gear. The radio box will help you to keep the radio gear from drying up to a large extent.
  1. You can also tack over any holes or gaps by putting a blob of blue tack
  1. It is important to make sure that water doesn’t get into the servos. If by chance water gets into the servo then it could damage the servo and you may find that the gears have rusted and thus you may even need to replace your servo. So you can waterproof your servo components by applying a waterproof vaseline on those parts. You can also use something like marine grease to waterproof your servo.
  1. Regarding the engine, it will be okay in most cases as long as the filter doesn’t get wet. 
  1. Before driving, make sure that your bearings are protected properly with an application of bearing oil.
  1. You can also use WD 40 to protect other metal parts.
  1. You may also need to consider venting the tires of your RC if you are using your RC car in a wet or muddy kind of condition.


In short, a nitro RC car can run in light rain and tolerate a few light water splashes as long as the RC nitro car model you have is waterproof. For more waterproofing, you will have to take extra protection and seal those parts that can get damaged if exposed to water.

Moreover, you will also have to do proper, before, and after maintenance, if you are thinking of using your nitro RC car in the rain.

Now, I also recommend you to check out my detailed article on can nitro RC cars run in cold weather, especially, if you are also thinking about running your nitro RC car in cold conditions.

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