How Fast Do RC Boats Go? (With 5 Examples)

RC boats come in various styles, from race models that can raise your heart rate to relax versions that are just for pleasure. The speed of an RC boat is essential to hobbyists and people who race as it also reflects the quality. So, how fast can an RC boat travel?

The fastest RC boat ever recorded was over 200 mph. However, the majority of RC boats can reach speeds of 20 to 30 mph as soon as they are installed. The design of the hull, the type of fuel an RC boat uses, the boat’s size, and the engine’s power all affect how fast it travels. You can upgrade or adjust them to attain faster speeds if you like.

How Fast Do RC Boats Go?
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Although several RC boats can travel faster or slower, most RC boats typically travel at 20 to 30 mph. In this article, we’ll discuss these factors and a few fastest RC boats you can buy on the market. 

5 High-Speed RC Boats 

RC boats often go between 20 mph to 50 mph, depending on the boat’s quality and engine. These boats are classified as “hobby grade” and are exclusive to hobby stores and merchants. 

The highest speeds of “toy grade” boats purchased from mass consumer merchants are often less than 15 mph.

The major manufacturers of ready-to-run (hobby grade) speedboats are Offshore Electrics, ProBoat, and AquaCraft. Modifying their boats can travel above 40 mph right out of the box and far beyond the 50-60 mph range. These RC boats are the fastest ones available right now.

Speeds of over 40 mph are possible with fully prepared speedboats from AquaCraft, ProBoat, and OffshoreElectrics. With upgrades, these speeds may be increased to 50+ mph.

Let’s look at some of the many models on the market and what optimum speeds they provide.

1. Altair AA102 RC Boat

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The Altair AA102 RC boat has a 10-minute running period and a top speed of roughly 20 mph (30+ km/h). It’s simple to set up and fun for individuals of all ages, especially kids, to use the Altair AA102.

You won’t hesitate to let the youngsters play with the Altair because it is solid and affordable. The motor’s strong 390 engine propels it to a peak speed of 20 mph, which is not too fast for novice riders to handle.

The Altair AA102 may be raced up to 328 feet (100 meters) away from the controller.

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2. Venom DI001

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The DI001 Venom RC racing boat is battery-powered and maintains a 15 mph speed. It comes with impact-resistant ABS material and an extra battery. 

Other positives of this boat are simple controls, sturdy construction, alerts, a boat stand, and an anti-tilt design. The venom DI001 creates waves!

The Venom is not just particularly fast but is also incredibly durable and impact-resistant. This makes it a fantastic choice if you have never operated a speedboat. 

The additional battery doubles the time that may be used; remember to give the engine some time to cool down between battery changes.

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3. Cheerwing RC Boat

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The Cheerwing RC boat travels reasonably in the water, although not quite as quickly as the original version. This boat has a top speed of 15 mph (25 km/h) and is fun for adults and children. 

While the speed range is quick enough for children to race without losing control, it does leave something desired for more experienced users. The good thing is that its battery can be quickly charged in about 90 minutes. 

Even with the decreased top speed, the running time of only 6 to 8 minutes is disappointing. It is ideal for regular users of RC boats to race on the water. Still, if you have previously used RC boats, you should go for a faster, more powerful model.

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4. Traxxas 57046-4 Catamaran Boat

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With a solid brushless motor, the Traxxas 57046-4 Catamaran RC Boat can reach high speeds of more than 50 mph. This is the best one we’ve examined in this text!

This RC boat’s speed range offers excellent stability on the water’s smooth surface and in mild waves. The speed range for this remote-controlled boat may exceed 50 mph if you’ve got the proper batteries.

The Traxxas 57046-4 Catamaran Boat is quick, but thanks to TSM stability control, it is also simple to steer. This remote-controlled boat is not appropriate for novices due to its rapid speeds.

Additionally, this model has a marine ESC with low power control that is water-cooled and weatherproof. As it zips through the water, it is simple to locate due to its excellent design and vivid colors.

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5. Pro Boat Zelos 36 Twin Catamaran 

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The Pro Boat Zelos 36 is ideal if you require a fast RC boat. It is astonishing to know that it has a top speed of more than 60 mph. The model has a brushless water-cooled ESC and a brushless motor. This boat is not appropriate for newbies since it is far too fast. 

Due to its faster top speed, this boat requires greater caution when managing. The boat has a hand-laid fiberglass hull built for unimaginable speeds and a high-torque metal gear servo.

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Fastest RC Boats Comparison Table

These models are up against a lot of competitors nowadays. For the uninformed, purchasing a fast RC boat might be intimidating. To spare you the hassle, we’ve compiled a list of the top alternatives. 

The selections in this straightforward buyer’s guide are based on customer evaluations, and professional judgments are given online. These evaluations are simple to read because they just outline the necessary details. 

The table below compares a few boats that have exceptional speed. Some of these boats are also mentioned in the article above. 

Click on their links to find more about the models and their specifications. 

Model & ManufacturingTop SpeedRun Time 
Altair AA Aqua Fast RC Speedboat20 mph10 minutes
Cheerwing RC Racing Boat 15 mph6-8 minutes
Mioshor Remote control Speedboat15 mph8-10 minutes
DI001 Venom Remote Control Speedboat15 mph15+minutes
Feilun RC Racing Boat FTo12 4CH28 mph5-6 minutes
Atomik RC Barbwire 2 High-Speed RC Boat30 mph7 minutes
Aquacraft Wildcat Catamaran RC Speedboat35 mph10+ minutes
Traxxas DCB M41 Catamaran Speedboat50+ mph15+minutes


If you would like two more examples of how fast RC boats go, please check out my comparison article of the Traxxas Blast vs Traxxas Spartan

Does Hull Design Influence RC Boat Speed?

Many factors affect the speed quality of a boat, but the most important one is the design and the type of hull a boat has. 

Some designs are adept at turning, but that comes at the sacrifice of overall speed. Others are fast, but they have poor turning control. The RC boat’s capacity to move fast depends greatly on the hull type. 

More details on RC boat hulls are provided below:


Monoplanes are the most adaptable but not the fastest kind. They are the most excellent option for design engineers competing on many bodies of water since they function best on rough water.


Outrigger and full-body hydroplanes are the two different forms of hydroplane RC boats. 

Outriggers may reach up to 100 mph because of the ample space between the main hull and the corner sponsons. 

However, they struggle in turbulent water. Air cushions suspend full-body ones in the air. Their likelihood of blowing over increases with speed.


This hull type is slower than monoplanes and hydroplanes, yet they still have outstanding top speeds. 

Due to their unique ability to make tight bends, they provide the most delicate speed-to-maneuverability ratio.

Tunnel Hulls

Tunnel Hulls provide more control at the sacrifice of speed. 

Although it is more agile and proficient at turning, it is unlikely to outperform the hydroplane in a straight sprint. If speed is your primary objective, tunnel hulls aren’t your best option.

How Fast Are Gas-Powered RC Boats?

RC boats with gasoline engines are typically considered faster than those with batteries. A gas-powered boat can be better if speed or long-distance travel are your priorities. 

You can operate the boat for a more extended time since brushless motors create higher torque per pound of weight. Make sure a gas boat can run in the waters you plan to use before purchasing one. 

Let’s discuss the speed of a gas-powered RC boat and how to be careful while driving it. 

20 to 30 mph is the typical top speed for gas-powered remote-controlled boats. It might sound trivial on land, but it moves very quickly in the water. Even mighty boats have a top speed of 100 mph. Still, those are highly expensive and often only available to seasoned RC boat aficionados.

Now that you are aware of how swiftly gas-powered RC boats can move, you must be compelled to press the button and run your boat as quickly as you can, but resist the urge! There are a few things you should consider before you do that.

Additionally, we’ll go over all the details of gas-powered remote-control boats and how to drive them carefully. Firstly, let’s compare electric RC boats with gas-powered ones. 

If you would like a more detailed article on how fast gas-powered RC boats go, check out my article on this subject. You might want to check out my article covering the best RC gas boat engines

Are Gas Powered RC Boats Faster Than Electric Boats?

Electric RC boats are undoubtedly slower than the ones that are gas-powered. 

Gas-powered RC boats can attain greater top speeds and maintain that speed rating for longer durations, despite the fact that electric RC boats may accelerate faster at first (typically 20 mph).

Electric RC boats have some power restrictions related to speed. Faster electric boats have a finite lifespan and must be replaced after a certain duration of time. Particularly for RC racing boats, running them uses a lot of energy, and the battery life is relatively short.

RC boats whether powered by batteries or fuel have some clear benefits and drawbacks. 

Ultimately, it truly boils down to personal choice. Gas-powered RC boats, however, are the best option if speed is what you’re looking for.

4 Benefits of Driving Your RC Boat at Optimum Speed

Many expert RC boat fans agree that 15 miles /hour is the optimal speed for sailing your RC boats for the longest amount of time. This speed is appropriate since it doesn’t put you in danger or cause you to lose track of your boat.

Below are four main advantages of using this speed to operate your RC boat:

1. Increase Your Driving Time

You won’t run out of petrol as soon as you drive your boat at a modest speed. Consequently, you won’t need to refill as often when driving.

So if you prefer marathons over sprinting, drive your RC boat accordingly.

2. Spend Less on Gas

You’ll be able to drive for more time and spend less money on petrol. Operating at a fast pace will result in rapid gas consumption. 

On the other hand, moving at a modest speed will consume less petrol over time and not hurt your wallet either.

3. Long-term Engine Maintenance Will Be Lower

When you run your boat at high speeds it requires the engine to operate harder which might result in wearing and tearing. However, driving at moderate speed may keep your engine healthy and will require less maintenance. 

4. Increased Boat Control

Making tight bends or avoiding obstacles when traveling at high speeds might be challenging for beginners.

You’ll have more grip over your boat and be better equipped to navigate through confined locations if you travel at a slower pace.

Additionally, it lessens the likelihood of capsizing your boat!

If you’re new to RC boating and want to dive deeper into mastering control and speed, don’t miss our guide on how to sail an RC sailboat. It’s packed with insights that’ll make your boating journey smoother.

5 Tips to Make Your RC Boat Faster

All RC boat models have limitations on their power. The quicker speed varies with how you can manage the remote-controlled boats on the water because there are fewer barriers, making incredible speeds much more accessible. 

If you drive the boat really fast on the water, the total run time can be shorter. Doing so increases your fuel consumption. Or, you can use your remote-control boat for longer before the battery runs out if you drive at a slower speed.

The simple rule is that you can only go at a given rate for a finite time. The perfect RC boat has a faster charging battery and a longer running duration so that you can resume your driving sooner. 

You can also always upgrade your normal-speed boats with additional tools. It is not necessary to spend a fortune on high-powered speedboats. 

These few tips mentioned below will help you make your RC boat faster:

1. Change the Factory-installed Standard Propeller

You can try changing the propeller to a larger and more efficient one, as thrust power is inversely proportional to the volume of water the blade can push. 

Additionally, many custom blades may move faster than the conventional blades since they are often composed of solid and lightweight materials.

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2. Attach a Polymer Lithium Battery

By attaching a lithium battery to a brushless system you can achieve the highest electric power possible. These batteries provide continuous power delivery at a temperature of at least 95°F (35°C).

3. Consider Buying a Rear Spoiler

A rear spoiler may increase your boat’s stability and down-force. This can be very effective in protecting your RC boat from capsizing in high speeds or choppy waves, which can normally force your boat to flip over or bounce out.

4. Install a Larger Motor

Adding a bigger motor than usual could work for some RC boats. 

It would be great practice if you struck the optimal balance between blade, hull design, gearbox, battery (for electric boats), weight distribution, and cooling. 

Note: Install modified motors carefully to avoid “frying” the batteries and motor!

Consider reading my article on how to size an RC boat motor

5. Give the RC Engine a Chance To Cool Down 

An overheated engine won’t operate at its best. 

Allowing your RC engine to cool down between battery changes will prevent your RC boat from overheating and leading to additional problems.

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Q. Why Would You Need a Faster Remote-Control Boat?

In all honesty, having a fast RC boat on the lake is not “necessary,” but it does make your time there much more enjoyable. When you purchase a speedier boat, you no longer think you are “putting” around the lake but live the thrilling experience. 

Q. Which RC Boat Has Ever Been the Fastest?

The Traxxas DCB M41 Catamaran, with a peak speed of 175+ mph or 281+ Kmph, is the fastest remote-controlled boat ever made. That exceeds the speed of several full-size automobiles!

Q. How Can I Speed Up My Gas-Powered Remote Control Boat?

One iron law for electric boats: the faster they go, the shorter their running time. RC racing boats consume much more power, and the battery life is short. A 15-minute running time is average. It would be great if you also thought about charging time. The models will determine this, but generally speaking, it takes 2.30 hours.

Q. What Speed-Power Limitations Apply to Electric Boats?

There is one iron law for electric boats: the faster they go, the shorter their running time. Particularly RC racing boats consume a lot more power, and the battery life is short. A 15-minute running time is average. You should also think about charging time. The models will determine this, but generally speaking, it takes 2.30 hours.

Final Thoughts

As you can see from this article, most reasonably priced boats have a top speed of 20 to 30 mph. Having a boat that can travel 60 MPH isn’t fit for children or adolescents. While you can also purchase other boats that will go considerably faster, It’s usually a good idea to consider who will use the RC boat!

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