Are Laegendary RC Cars Any Good? Should You Buy Their Models?

Model cars by Laegendary RC are something that manages to impress all ages, from children to adults. These cars are popular with both RC car enthusiasts and parents with elder children, usually 8 years and above. But those who are buying for the first time might wonder, are Legendary RC cars any good? 

Laegendary RC cars are excellent RC model cars with overall positive reviews on the web from parents and collectors as proof. These cars are more child-friendly, easy to operate. Laegendery produce durable and tough models that can compete with the more reputable brands on the market.

It is normal to give your doubts a try before buying a model car for your kids or your collection. However, when you know more about the wonderful features of Laegendary RC cars, making a decision might become easier. 

Are Laegendary RC Cars Any Good? Should You Buy Their Models?
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What Is Laegendary RC?

Laegendary RC is a toy company who create remote control model cars which are one-tenth, one-eighth, or one-sixteenth the size of a real car. That is to say, Laegendary RC cars can get pretty real when you take them out for a drive. 

The company recommends their RC cars for ages eight and up. Although, it is equally appealing to the adult members of the family too. After all, these are not your average toys. They are loud, tough, fast, and sometimes fairly complicated. 

Positive Reviews From Parents

Well, you can find reviews from parents who bought these cars for their kids, all over the web. None of them have pointed out the cars as hazardous for their children. Plus, there are many videos on YouTube and the company’s website showing kids playing with Laegendary RC Cars. 

Laegendary RC’s cars are as tough as they look. They can run for long periods and through all kinds of weather, and, they can reach great speeds too.

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Helpful Company Website 

The company provides its customers excellent service through its helpful website. There is a detailed user manual for every model RC car listed on their shop page. These are full e-books that answer all your questions about the car. 

Besides text, they have a satisfactory number of how-to videos on their website. As mentioned earlier, RC cars are not your average toy. So, it takes a bit of learning to operate them. Laegendary RC has seen to that matter on their website. 

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From all the available Laegendary RC-related literature on the internet, you can gather that the company works toward the betterment of the childhood experience. Their products aim to develop a child’s imaginative and creative abilities. 

What Is Good About Laegendary RC Cars?

There are many good reasons to spend your money on a Laegendary RC car. These are safe toys that you and your kids can play with for years to come. Besides, it has many other features like superior speed, running time, toughness, and look, that make this car an excellent collectible for any RC enthusiast. 

Laegendary RC cars start at a hundred dollars and upwards. Most of the standard models are in the range of three to five hundred dollars. So, you might pause and wonder, “are Legendary RC Cars any good?” Will it be worth your money? 

Well, here are a few good things about Laegendary RC Cars that might help you make your mind. 

Friendly And Safe For Kids 

Most other well-known brands recommend their RC vehicles for ages 14 and up. And even then, they prefer these kids to use their machines in the presence of someone more mature in age and intellect. 

Meanwhile, Laegendary RC has manufactured products such that they can safely recommend them to kids who are eight years of age. And you can find positive reviews where parents of children as young as five years old have bought these cars for their kids. 

Can Drive On Any Terrain 

Laegendary RC cars can drive on all kinds of ground. From several inches of snow to rough, rocky roads, and sandy beaches or muddy playgrounds. Laegendary RC’s models can make it through every land variation.

Meanwhile, their high-performing electric circuitry and motor systems on the inside remain perfectly intact. So, you don’t have to worry about where you drive your car. Just be careful that it doesn’t fall into a pit or run off a cliff! 

Long Running-time

These RC cars can run for a long time. You can continuously drive a Laegendary RC car at top speed for around forty minutes. This is an impressive amount of time. Note that, there is no break in between. And rarely, someone would need to drive an RC car for forty minutes straight. Even if it’s a race.

This superior running quality is due to another interesting feature of Laegendary RC Cars. That is, you can simultaneously use two rechargeable batteries with the car. The double batteries provide more speed and longer run-time. 

Superior Water Resistance 

Many of the higher priced RC cars that claim waterproof quality, are only resistant to water up to a certain point. They won’t stand a chance in harsh conditions. Whereas, Laegendary RC cars are as resistant to water as their real-life counterparts. 

You can drive a Laegendary RC car through small puddles in the playground or on the streets without worrying about any kind of damage. You can also race in heavy rainfall and through muddy watery tracks. 

Fun Family Activity

Model RC Cars are adored by both adults and children. To kids, these cars are a source of wonder and amazement. Adults feel the same way too. But they are more awestruck by the spectacle of modern engineering and technology. 

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Due to this popularity across all age groups, these cars can be a wonderful and fun activity in which all family members can participate. As both of you will be playing with the same toy, this is a very effective way to bond with your small children. 

Brushed And Brushless motors 

The company makes RC cars that use brushed and brushless motors. Brushed motors are classic DC motors. This motor makes your model RC sound like a real-life road-raging car. 

On the other hand, those who are not a fan of the noise can opt for models with brushless motors. These motors are specially built for noise reduction. If your neighbourhood has a strict policy on decibels, then the brushless motor models will be your safe choice. 

Brushless motors are faster and last longer than brushed motors

Easy To Handle Remote Control 

Some RC car brands make their remote controls overly complicated. It would take you a few go’s just to get the feel of how the remote control works. Moreover, many of these remote controls require both hands to operate them.

Laegendary RC make their remote controls look like pistols. You can hold them in one hand and run your car. Getting a grasp of the control would not take you more than a few minutes. Not to mention, it has a great range of 250 feet and above. 

Two speed-modes

The dual-speed mode is another good reason to buy a Laegendary RC car. There is a low-speed mode and a high-speed mode. Both have different purposes. 

A low-speed mode is essentially a learning mode. You learn how to drive the car using a convenient speed. Driving an RC car in an outdoor situation poses many challenges. And this mode comes in handy to practice your skills. 

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High-speed mode on a Laegenedary RC car might be overwhelming to beginners. These cars easily reach a speed of 30 mph. Depending on the terrain, battery charge, and internal condition of the car, the speed can very well cross this level. 

Help Improve Your Child’s Cognitive And Motor Skills 

Controlling an RC car in an outdoor situation is challenging even for adults. At high speeds and long range, you need to skillfully align your mind and body to drive your car well or win a race. So, it can be quite a learning session for your kids when they play with a Laegendary RC car. 

Young children can work on their focusing, operating, and controlling skills by driving an RC car outdoors. It teaches how to react instantly in sudden situations and develops good cognitive and motor reflexes. 


It’s wise to wonder ‘are Laegendary RC Cars any good?’ before you spend some hard-earned money on one of their products.

However, considering the family friendliness of these model RC cars, you can’t go wrong with choosing a Laegendary RC car for your child, or even yourself!

I feel that you can’t go wrong with this brand, especially if you are new to RC cars. They are well priced, well built, and have attributes that some of the more established brands have.

You can see a range of Laegendary products here (Links to Amazon)

I hope you have found this article helpful. please see some of my other content to help you on your journey in this great hobby.

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