Should You Choose Bezgar RC Cars? My Review ( & Best Models)

There are a variety of RC car brands available on the market, and it is not always easy to know if a particular brand is of good quality or if its reputation is all media hype. With the cost of RC cars, it is important to know what to expect when the RC car arrives in the mail to avoid disappointment. What can you expect when you order a Bezgar RC car?

Bezgar are good quality mid to upper mid-level RC cars aimed at RC car drivers needing to upgrade from entry-level cars to something a little more powerful and challenging. The cars offer good, responsive performance, and spares are readily available directly from the company or online. 

The growing hobby of RC cars is attracting new manufacturers and suppliers to the RC car market. Until the brand has established a market reputation, buyers are reluctant to step outside of the RC brands with which they are familiar. Our overview of Bezgar RC cars will help you decide if one of these cars will suit your requirements for the hobby. 

Are Bezgar RC Cars Any Good?

Is Bezgar A Good RC Brand?

When investigating a new RC brand in the market, it helps to find out a little about the company and its commitment to the industry.

This will help determine if they intend to be serious players in the RC industry or out to make a quick profit at the expense of the consumer.

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Bezgar is based in China, and all its products are produced in this country. This is not necessarily bad since many RC car parts are produced in China, even if the car is not distributed from that county.

My investigations into the company show that the commitment to a long-term relationship with the RC community is the brand’s intention.

The initial RC car models that the company distributed were of lower quality, specifically with plastic components, whereas other brands used metal components.

Fortunately, Bezgar recognized this shortcoming in their RC cars and has changed the newer models to use metal components, increasing the reliability and strength of the RC cars.

Bezgar is committed to providing a quality product at a competitive pricing level and increasing the product support on all their RC cars.

An example of this is the availability of purchasing spares directly from their website and a 24/7 chat facility for queries on their products.

The quality of the cars has improved overall as the brand has gained feedback from the community and become more familiar with the needs of hobbyist RC car operators.

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To their credit, the cars get better with each model added to their range, and the quality can be gauged as mid to upper mid-level quality in the hobby-level RC car range against other brands.

Are Bezgar RC Cars Ideal For Beginners?

One of the aspects I like about Bezgar RC cars is that they cater to a wide range of hobbyist RC car drivers.

Bezgar has a range of RC cars ideal for beginners, both from a learning curve and a price point perspective.

Bezgar cars come with remote controls that are easy to operate and have adjustable controls, including speed limiting settings to give beginners time to learn how to drive their RC car before turning up the difficulty on the controls.

The range of cars also varies from brushed to brushless motor options, 1:10 to 1:20 scale cars, and cars in various speed ranges within their hobby-grade RC car offerings.

Bezgar also offers a range of RC cars in the toy-grade range to allow younger aspiring RC drivers to get their feet wet in the hobby.

Bezgar also produces licensed replica RC cars for collectors or classic RC car enthusiasts in their Lamborghini, Ferrari, Bugatti, McLaren, Bently, and Porche ranges. From an RC car level point of view, these cars are more for collectors or toy-grade use than hobby-grade RC racing level.

What Is The Best Bezgar RC Car?

Choosing the best Bezgar car is a very subjective topic since the best car for one person may not be the best car for another.

With this in mind, I have selected 3 Bezgar cars that can be considered the best in their category. You should investigate the specs of each car to determine if they match what you are looking for in an RC car.

I have chosen to showcase the most popular Bezgar RC cars, the premium model for the serious RC operator, and the best budget option for those just starting in their RC hobby.

The People’s Choice Bezgar RC Car

One of the most popular selling Bezgar cars is the HS101 Hobby Grade car. The car is a 1:10 scale car, making it a good-sized RC car.

The Bezgar HS101 (Amazon link) is powered by a 540 brushed motor, and the car is configured as a 4-wheel-drive. The ESC, rated at an IPX5 water resistance rating, is fully waterproof, allowing the car to handle wet and muddy conditions without worrying about your electronics shorting out.

The car is packaged with 2 Li-Po 7.4V 1800mAh batteries, giving a total run-time of 40-minutes for the car. The chassis is made of nylon, giving good crash and bash resistance, while the oil-filled shocks give great on and off-road performance.

While the HS101 is not the fastest car, it provides ample speed at 25mph or 40kph to have tons of fun in the dirt or on a paved surface.

The speed and steering sensitivity can be adjusted to increase the driveability of the car for beginners, while experienced RC operators can turn these to full and have an exhilarating driving experience.

The RC car comes with two shells in different color schemes, so you can change the look of the car at any time with the quick-detach buckles holding the shell in place.

(Amazon link)

What’s Good About Bezgar HS101?

There are several points that I really liked about this car from Bezgar that made it stand out over others.

  • Metal 4WD. The gearing on the 4-wheel-drive system is all metal, offering better durability and stability in the transmission.
  • Waterproof ESC. The Electronic Speed Controller is waterproof, allowing the car to handle puddles and water splashes. Don’t submerge the car, though, since all connections are not waterproofed, such as the battery connectors.
  • The price. The price of the HS101 at a little under $130makes it affordable for almost anyone, and it is a good car for the price.

What’s Bad About The Bezgar HS101

As with any RC car, there are some negatives to be found, but considering the low price of the car, it is still a worthwhile buy.

  • Hard to control for beginners. The control can be a little twitchy at top speed, making it difficult for beginners to control the car. This issue is easily overcome with the throttle limiter until you are familiar with the car and the controls.

Premium Choice Bezgar RC Car

My vote for the premium Bezgar RC Car is the Bezgar HM164 Truck. This RC vehicle is top-notch and would be suitable for any serious hobby RC driver.

The Bezgar HM164 is an RTR car powered by a brushless electric motor with high torque, better power, and increased handling capabilities. 

Brushless motors have a 2 to 3 times longer life than brushed motors and use 1/3 the power of brushed motors. This translates to a durable motor in this truck that will last a long time and handle the rigors of off-road RC driving.

Even though the car is designed for off-road driving, it is no slouch on the pavement. The HM164 can reach a top speed of 32mph or 52kph with the 90-95m/s motor.

This off-road Bezgar truck includes a nylon chassis, which offers better shock resistance and is resistant to water and other chemicals. The tires are non-skid tires, and the oil-filled metal shocks provide great shock absorption for rough terrain. The car also comes with a wheelie bar to prevent flipping the car on fast acceleration pull-offs, especially when learning how to control the car.

The Bezgar HM164 comes with a set of 3 batteries. The batteries are 7.4V 1000mAh 2S batteries, with each battery providing 20-minutes of run-time. The 3 batteries together offer a full hour of RC car driving before a recharge is needed!

The HM164 comes with a spare fully-trimmed clear shell, allowing you to paint the body using your own creativity and styling. 

(Amazon link)

What’s Good About Bezgar HM164?

The following characteristics of the HM164 we found the most useful and resulting in making it our choice of premium Bezgar RC car.

  • Speed. If driving your RC car at full throttle is your thing, you will definitely enjoy the 32mph or 52kph speed delivered by the brushless motor in the HM164.
  • 60-minutes drive time. The 3 batteries packaged with the car give a total of 60-minutes of drive time which is a huge bonus point for this car!

What’s Bad About The Bezgar HM164?

I could only find one aspect of the car that I found detracted from giving it a 100% score, and that is the charge time on the batteries.

  • Long battery charge time. The batteries take up to 3 hours to fully charge. If you can only charge one battery at a time, this is a 9-hour charging session for a 1-hour run time.

Best Budget Bezgar RC Car

If you are interested in purchasing an RC car on a budget, you don’t want to make the mistake of buying cheap. There is a significant difference between value for money and cheap RC cars. The Bezgar HM166 falls firmly into the value for money category rather than the cheap category!

The Bezgar HM166 is a 1:16 scale hobby-grade RC car designed for all-terrain driving. The car is 4-wheel-drive and powered by a brushed 380 motor, which can push the car to 25mph or 40kph. 

The car has the durable all-nylon chassis, typical of the Bezgar range, includes non-slop all-terrain tires, and shock absorbers designed for peak performance both on and off-road. A nice feature is working headlights for extra flair!

The steering servos provide accurate, more responsive steering on the car, which can make it a little twitchy when your first drive the car but gives better control once you are used to it. The power servo makes the steering more robust and stops obstacles such as grass and rocks on an off-road track from blocking wheels from turning.

Even though this is our recommended budget buy and under $80, it is not a cheap, entry-level car and will surprise you with its quality and performance.

What’s Good About The Bezgar HM166?

There are several characteristics that I really liked about this car and make it worthy of being a great budget RC car buy.

  • The low price. The car is good quality for the price, and I feel it performs better than most other sub $80 RC cars.
  • Spares are easily available. The ease with which spares can be sourced makes this car great for beginners in the hobby who may have a few driving accidents to start with.
  • Shaft-driven 4×4. The 4WD system is shaft-driven which gives great responsiveness and excellent acceleration.

What’s Bad About The Bezgar HM166?

There are a few minor complaints I had about this RC car,  but I don’t believe they are worthy of preventing you from purchasing the car as a fun car to get into the RC car hobby or as a knock-about car.

  • You can outgrow the car. While the car is an excellent car for the money, you may find that you master the skills necessary to drive the car quite quickly, which may leave you looking for a faster, more powerful car sooner rather than later to challenge your driving skills.

(Amazon link)

How Fast Do Bezgar RC Cars Go?

I have focused on the hobby-grade Gezgar cars thus far, but the brand also makes some excellent toy-grade RC cars that are worth the money for younger people to learn to operate RC cars. One of the first questions most aspiring RC car drivers want to know about a car is how fast it goes.

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I have included a table below detailing the speeds you can expect from both the hobby and toy-grade Bezgar cars.

Bezgar Hobby-Grade RC Car Speeds
HM181, HM202, HS181, HM20122mph or 35kph
HM161, HM163, HM166, HM122, HM162 HS10125mph or 40kph
HM103, HM123, HB121, HM101, HM12128mph or 45kph
HB10130mph or 48kph
HM164, HM165, HM12432mph or 52kph
Table of BEZGAR hobby grade RC car speeds
Bezgar Toy-Grade RC Car Speeds
TD141, TM201, TS201, TM2029mph or 15kph
TB141, TC141, TB14212mph or 20kph
TM14116mph or 25kph
Table of BEZGAR toy-grade RC car speeds

The range of licensed reproductions of real-life cars, such as the Lamborgini, Ferrari, Bugatti, and so on, are not made to be racing RC cars and only attain a speed of up to 6mph or 9kph. These cars are toy-grade, even though they look spectacular in their level of detail.

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How Do Bezgar RC Cars Compare To Other Brands?

Bezgar cars cannot compete with the likes of the Traxxas monsters, but they are well-made, durable RC cars.

The best classification for the Bezgar hobby-grade range would be mid to upper mid-level RC car driving. The quality of the manufacturing is good, but lower quality components are used to keep the prices of the cars affordable.

Are Bezgar cars worth the money? Absolutely! Especially if you are a newbie to the RC car hobby or you are looking for a compact car for a little fun.


Bezgar RC cars are not the best cars on the market, but this is not the market sector the brand aims to capture. They may get to the point at some stage in the future if they expand their range to compete with the bigger RC car brands, but they are not there yet.

The Bezgar cars are robust and perform well for the price that you pay for them, but as your skills improve and you are looking for a little more from your Rc car, you will be looking to upgrade to something with a little more punch!

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