Can’t Find Drone WiFi? 5 Most Common Causes And Fixes!

Feeling stuck because your drone’s WiFi isn’t connecting to your phone? You’re not alone in this. Let’s explore common reasons and how to fix them.

The primary reasons a drone’s WiFi doesn’t appear on your smartphone are a connection to another phone or a technical glitch. Firmware issues can also be a cause, but typically resetting the drone or restarting the phone resolves the issue.


If you still have trouble, try using a different phone to connect to your drone. If it doesn’t work, your drone might be the problem. But if it does work, your first phone is the issue. Keep reading, and we’ll help you figure out why you can’t find your drone’s WiFi and how to fix it.

Here’s Why You Can’t Find Drone WiFi And How To Fix It:

Reason-1: Low Battery Levels:


When the energy levels in either your drone or mobile device are too low, it can disrupt the WiFi signal. A weak battery might mean a weak or even absent WiFi connection.


First things first, always check the battery levels of both your drone and mobile device. If either of them is running low, that could be the culprit.

Charge them up until they’re full. Once you’ve done that, try connecting the drone to your device again. A strong battery often translates to a strong and stable WiFi connection.

In some scenarios, even if your drone’s WiFi is working perfectly, you might face issues like, for instance, the DJI Assistant 2 software not recognizing your drone. Check out the guide to learn more.

Reason-2: Range Limitations:


Every drone has a distance where its WiFi signal works best. For a lot of models, that sweet spot is around 30 feet. If you’re too far away, the connection might drop or not work at all.


Stay alert to how far your drone is. Are you within that 30-foot zone? If not, it’s time to move a bit.

Walk closer to your drone until you’re within the effective range. Then, give the connection another go.

Even as we discuss WiFi connectivity, there’s another vital connection to consider — between the drone and its controller. For instance, if you have DJI drones and you have faced connection issues like that. Here’s a detailed guide on how to resolve the DJI Mavic Pro connectivity issue

Reason-3: Prior Connection Interruptions:


The drone’s WiFi has been linked to another device and wasn’t disconnected right. So, when you try to connect, it’s still waiting on that first device.


Try to find the device with which your drone is still connected. Remove the WiFi connection from that device and try to repair it. And if this doesn’t work out then restart your smartphone to see if it clears all the glitches.

If your drone WiFi is pre-saved in your phone’s WiFi list, go in there and remove it. Doing this should fix any unwanted saved memories (that could be causing an error) or technical glitches.

Then, try to pair your drone with the phone via WiFi and it should work.

Reason-4: Mobile Device Settings Mismatch:


Sometimes, the trouble isn’t with the drone at all. It’s the mobile device. If there are any settings out of place, it might not catch the drone’s WiFi signal.


First, let’s do a quick toggle. Switch the airplane mode on, wait a few seconds, then turn it off. This simple trick can often refresh your connections.

Once you’ve addressed your drone’s WiFi problems, you might want to view the footage you’ve captured. However, at times, you could face issues with DJI MP4 files not playing. Check out the solutions to fix DJI MP4 playback issues to ensure smooth video experiences.

Reason-5: Firmware Glitches:


Here’s a big one: firmware glitches. Think of firmware as your drone’s brain. If it’s outdated or has a glitch, your drone might struggle to connect to WiFi.


Keep your drone’s firmware fresh. This means regularly checking for updates. Manufacturers often release updates to squash bugs and improve performance.

On your smartphone, open the app and navigate to the “About” section. This could vary based on the type of app, but basically what we are trying to look for is the section that says about firmware.

Then check if there are any latest updates available. Most often you will see the “Check for updates” option. Hit that option and let it automatically check and update your drone firmware.

Another related concern many drone users face is the DJI app crashing. While the reasons can be numerous, addressing them will ensure you get a smooth drone experience. Check out common causes and solutions to the DJI app frequently crashing.

How To Reset A Drone WiFi?

  • First, turn on your drone.
  • Then, press the power button of your drone and hold it for almost around 9 seconds.
  • Now your Drone’s WiFi will be set to its factory default settings. Yes, it’s that simple!

Don’t panic! Resetting will only change the WiFi data. All your other settings will be just as you left them.

Do Drones Need WiFi To Operate?

It’s amazing how much we depend on the internet these days, right? Almost everything we do seems to be online. So, it’s a valid question: Do drones need WiFi to fly?

In simple terms, drones can totally fly without WiFi or cell service. Think of it this way: while you might need the internet to download programs or updates for your drone, you don’t need it just to make the drone soar in the sky.

Drones like the Mavic Mini and Mavic Pro are a good example. They can fly perfectly without an internet connection. However, sometimes they might need it for things like getting started or updating their software.. 

How do drones manage to operate without WiFi? Well, it’s through the radio wave communication.

Of course, some advanced functions, like live streaming your drone’s view or updating maps, do rely on WiFi. (By the way, live streaming is when you send video from your drone to the internet in real-time.)

And certain modes, like the “Follow Me” GPS mode or map updates, might need you to be online.

If your drone struggles to find a WiFi signal, there might also be things like interference or issues with its antenna messing things up apart from the reasons we mentioned.

Now beyond the technical aspects, there’s also the sensory experience of drones. If you’ve ever wondered about the noise drones produce while flying, you’re not alone. Explore why and how much noise drones make.


In a nutshell, from battery levels to firmware glitches, there can be many different factors that can cause your drone to not show up in the WiFi.

But remember, every problem has a solution. And for most causes, resetting the drone works like a charm.

However, if nothing really works then it’s best to contact the customer support. Guess what? Most drone brands tend to offer nice customer support. So don’t hesitate to reach out to them even if none of the troubleshooting works well for you!

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