7 Most Common Holy Stone Drone Problems & Solutions

Holy Stone drone is one of the best drones in the industry offering a range of drones for all levels of drone pilots. However, while using their drones, like any other technical equipment, problems are likely to occur.

If your Holy Stone drone won’t take off, check the battery and replace if necessary. Flight difficulties can be solved by calibrating the drone, while camera issues can be fixed by upgrading the firmware and ensuring adequate SD card capacity.

In this post, we will take a closer look at the seven most common problems associated with the holy stone drone and their possible fixes. So keep reading till the end to explore more.

Holy Stone Problems And Fixes

1. Problem: My drone won’t take off!

Solution: Check your battery and propellers!

Sometimes, your drone might refuse to take off because the battery is low or not connected properly. Make sure your battery is fully charged and securely connected to the drone.

Also, take a look at your propellers! Are they damaged or not attached correctly? If so, replace them or make sure they’re attached the right way.

2. Problem: My drone is flying all wobbly and unstable!

Solution: Calibrate the gyroscope and check the propellers!

An uncalibrated gyroscope might cause a shaky drone. Place your drone on a level surface and follow the directions in the user manual to calibrate it.

You can access the user manual from the Holy Stone Manual and App Page.

Take a look at my complete guide to the Holy Stone apps. It lists every Holy Stone app available on the apple app and google play store and explains which apps suit which models plus much more.

Also, check your propellers while you’re at it. Check that they are not damaged and that they spin smoothly.

3. Problem: I’m not able to control my drone with my remote!

Solution: Pair the drone and remote correctly!

Sometimes, the drone and remote just need to be paired again. Turn off both the drone and the remote, then turn them back on.

Follow the instructions in your manual to pair them properly.

Here’s how you can pair your Holy Stone drone:

  • On your transmitter (remote controller) hold the lock icon button and slide the power switch to the right at the same time. After doing this, you’ll hear a beep sound two times and an icon will keep flashing on your remote controller LCD screen.
  • Now, take your drone in hand, long press its switch to turn it on and keep it on a leveled surface with the head in the forward direction.
  • Finally, you’ll hear a long beep sound and an icon will appear on the LCD screen which ultimately indicates that your drone is successfully paired with the remote controller.

And if properly pairing the drone that doesn’t work, your remote’s batteries might be low, so try changing them.

I highly recommend you check out this guide if you are having trouble connecting your Holystone drone to WiFi.

4. Problem: My drone’s camera isn’t working!

Solution: Check the camera connection and SD card!

If your drone’s camera isn’t functioning, it might be due to a faulty connection. Ascertain that the camera is firmly fastened to the drone.

Check to see that your SD card is properly inserted and has adequate storage space.

If the issue continues, you may need to upgrade the firmware on your drone. Instructions can be found on the Holy Stone website or the user manual.

5. Problem: My drone is losing signal or flying away!

Solution: Keep your drone close and watch out for interference!

Drones can lose signal if they fly too far away from the remote or if there’s interference from other electronic devices. To avoid this, keep your drone within the recommended range and avoid flying near Wi-Fi routers, power lines, and other devices that might cause interference.

6. Problem: My drone’s battery doesn’t last very long!

Solution: Use the right battery and practice good charging habits!

Make sure you’re using the battery recommended by Holy Stone for your drone. Also, don’t overcharge your battery!

Unplug it as soon as it’s fully charged. When not using your drone for a while, store the battery in a cool, dry place.

7. Problem: My drone is drifting while hovering!

Solution: Calibrate the drone’s compass and trim settings!

If your drone drifts while hovering, it might need a compass calibration. Place your drone on a flat surface, and follow the instructions in your user manual to calibrate the compass.

Here’s a quick guideline of compass calibration for your reference. For more details you can take a look at your manual.

  • So, to first enter your drone and the transmitter in the compass setting mode, you need to push the two joysticks simultaneously bottom, right-hand side. (Please note that this process can be slightly different depending on the particular model of drone you may have. So make sure to refer to the manual for precise guidance.)
  • After doing the first step, an icon should flash on the LCD screen of your transmitter (remote controller) along with the yellow light flashing. When this occurs, your drone becomes ready to be calibrated.
  • Take your drone and keep it horizontally, and rotate it in three complete circles for calibration. At the end of this process, a green light will flash which indicates the completion of horizontal calibration.
  • Similar to the earlier step you need to again rotate the drone in three circles, but this time do it vertically.
  • Once the vertical calibration is completed a green light will flash and the icon that kept on flashing on the LCD screen should disappear.
  • So that’s how you can calibrate the compass of your holy stone drone.

You can also adjust the trim settings on your remote if that setting is available with your drone to make it more stable. In case you didn’t know, trimming a drone means adjusting its aerodynamic balance by controlling things like its throttle, and pitch.

Usually, this trimming feature is more associated with low budget drones that don’t have GPS features for smart navigation. So based on your drone model, you can also play around with the trim settings of your drone to get the ideal flying experience.

For further reference on connecting and doing the setup of your Holy Stone drone, I highly encourage checking out my guide about how to unlock Holy Stone drone.

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How To Maintain The Holy Stone Drone To Prevent Issues?

  1. Clean the product after every use using a soft, clean cloth.
  2. Avoid direct sunlight exposure to the drone.
  3. Make sure the charging plug and all other drone equipment are in good condition and repair or replace as needed
  4. Remember that some holy stone drones are not waterproof (you can check that in the manual). If a drone is not water proof then try to avoid direct water contact.

Holy Stone Drone Warranty And Customer Support

Don’t worry if you’re experiencing Holy Stone drone issues! Holy Stone gives great warranty assistance.

You may get free warranty servicing if your drone breaks within the warranty term. The drone’s warranty begins when you buy it and varies by component.

Remote control, battery, motor, charger, drone arms, and camera (detachable) are covered as main parts. On these parts, luckily the warranty period is up to 1 year with up to two times free replacements for the propellers.

Holy Stone provides warranty for the products only if they fail due to non-user defects throughout the warranty term.

You need a purchase order number and proof that the drone failed due to non-user fault to claim warranty.

Accidents, misuse, incorrect storage, and unusual usage void the drone’s warranty. Modifying the drone or using non-HolyStone-certified third-party components voids the warranty. Holy Stone-authorized retailers must sell the drone with a valid warranty.

If the drone malfunctions within 30 days due to non-user related issues, you can return or swap it providing you satisfy all the requirements. You can’t return or exchange a drone if you don’t satisfy the requirements or if you damaged it.

Here’s the Holy Stone warranty page where you can learn more about their terms.

Follow the user manual and take care of your Holy Stone drone to prevent voiding the warranty. And don’t hesitate to contact the Holy Stone customer support if you have any doubts because rest assured, they are pretty well-known in the industry for good customer service.

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