Traxxas Receiver Not Working? Here’s The Fix! (Quick Guide)

There are a few reasons why the Traxxas receiver may not work. In this article, we look at the most common causes and also some other, out-of-the-ordinary problems that might be causing the issue.

If your Traxxas receiver isn’t working, check that the RC battery is plugged in all the way and that all the pins inside the plug are in good order. Ensure that the battery has enough power to start the receiver. Test the servos and check that the ESC is connected to the receiver via a 3-wire cable.

If you have a transmitter with a “Steering rate” option, make sure it is turned up for the wheels servo to turn the wheels.


Keep reading for details on how to check and test the servos and check all the other parts for proper functionality.

Ensure The Battery Is Working

Before replacing the receiver, it’s best to make sure that the battery is functioning properly. Ensure that it’s fully charged and plugged into the ESC. If you have another battery to test the receiver with, do so. You could also test the batter in another RC car to ensure it’s functional.

Check the battery is plugged in and that the pins inside the plug have no physical damage. From there, make sure that the ESC is connected to the receiver.

While Traxxas receivers and their associated components are built for performance and longevity, the battery is often a key player in how your RC car operates. You might be wondering if the Traxxas RC batteries are worth their price. Check out the guide to learn more.

Test The Servos

Servo on my Traxxas Slash

To test the servos, you’ll either need a servo tester, see a selection here, on Amazon, or you’ll need to install them into another RC car that you know is fully functional and then see if they work.

If none of those options sound good to you, take the car to a local hobby shop for servo testing. They will usually test the servos for free so that they have the chance to sell you replacements if need be.

Check The Transmitter

RC controller for my Traxxas Slash

The receiver may seem like it’s not working if the transmitter is incompatible. Most Traxxas models use the 2.4GHz frequency so check which frequency your Traxxas works with in the user manual.

Also, ensure that the steering rate on the transmitter isn’t set to zero if that feature is available on yours.

If you are considering other brands alongside Traxxas, a common comparison is with HPI Racing. Check out our detailed guide on Traxxas vs. HPI Racing to learn more.

How Do I Reset My Traxxas Receiver?

Perform these steps with the RC car suspended so that it doesn’t blast off the table on the last step of the reset.

  1. Turn the RC car on and switch the transmitter off.
  2. Now hold the set button on the transmitter and turn it on while still holding the button until the flashing red light turns green. Then release the button.
  3. Turn the steering fully to the left and press the set button once.
  4. Turn to the right and press the set button once.
  5. Squeeze the trigger to max throttle and press the set button.
  6. Push the trigger to max reverse and press the set button.

Why Won’t My Traxxas Car Move?

Your Traxxas car won’t move if there are any problems with the battery, like if it’s run flat or didn’t charge properly.

Of course, the motor, ESC, or servos might also be faulty, so going through all the steps in this article might get your Traxxas moving again.

If you notice that your Traxxas ESC is blinking red while troubleshooting the receiver, it’s crucial to understand the underlying reasons. Check out the linked guide to learn more.

How Do I Bind My Traxxas Transmitter To My Receiver?

Hold down the set button, then turn the receiver on. When you see the red flashing light, press and hold the link button on the receiver. Now, with the link button still held in on the receiver, switch the RC car on. The LED on the transmitter should turn green if everything works.

Traxxas offers a range of models, each catering to different needs and budgets. If you’re looking to get your hands on a budget-friendly Traxxas RC car without compromising on performance, check out our recommendations for the Cheapest Traxxas RC Car.

Why Does My RC Car Not Steer?

If everything except your steering works, you might have your steering rate on your transmitter set to zero. If you have a steering rate available on your transmitter, make sure it’s turned up before blaming the problem on the steering servo. Also, recalibrate the transmitter and receiver to see if it resolves the problem. 

If you’ve checked the steering rate and reset everything but still can’t turn the wheels, it is probably the steering servo that needs replacing.

After troubleshooting your receiver and other components, if you’re thinking of upgrading or simply curious about the top-performing models, explore our list on What Is The Best Traxxas RC Car? to find out

In Summary

If your Traxxas receiver truly isn’t working, you’ll have to get it replaced. Just be sure to check all the other parts like batteries and servos to make sure there isn’t something else at fault.

You might only need to reset the receiver or bind the transmitter to get it to get it working again.

While troubleshooting is essential for the smooth operation of your Traxxas car, you might also be curious about the speed capabilities of these cars. Discover here: How Fast Traxxas RC Cars Can Go?

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