What Is The Quietest RC Car? +5 Ways To Make Yours Quieter

The awesome roaring sound while racing RC cars is often fascinating for many RC hobbyists. But we can’t justify the noise in all situations. There are times when having a quiet RC car makes more sense. So, what is the quietest RC car?

As a general rule, the quietest RC cars are electric RC cars, mostly with brushless motors. Some examples of quietest RC cars include HSP XSTR Electric Radio Controlled Buggy and The Werewolf 1:8 Scale Brushless RC Buggy – Pro Version.

Read on to find out what makes an RC car quiet, more about the quiet RC cars, and also how you can make an RC car quieter.

What Makes An RC Car Quieter?

Here are some of the factors that determine whether an RC car will be quieter or not:

#1. The Type Of RC Car You Are Using

The two main types of RC cars in the RC hobby are electric and nitro. Electric RC uses electricity to power the car, whereas nitro RC cars use nitro fuel.

Comparatively, nitro RC cars make more noise than electric RCs. If you have driven a nitro RC or seen your friends with one, you can fully relate to how noisy they can get.

Some RC hobbyists say that the noise of nitro RC cars can be more than a typical lawn mower. 

But still, the noise can be enough to annoy your neighbors, especially where the sound level of a lawn mower is not so common. 

If you already have a nitro RC car, don’t worry. I have a detailed guide for you on how to make your nitro RC car quieter.

Here’s a table that shows the noise levels of RC cars as compared to other noise sources.

Noise Source:Noise Level in dB:
Standard RC Cars50-60 dB
Nitro RC Cars90 dB
Normal Conversation60 dB
Refrigerator Hum40 dB
Washing Machine, Dishwasher70 dB
Table of noise levels

So, in general, the type of RC car you are using determines the quietness of your RC car. For example, Nitro RCs make a bit more sound than the electric ones.

And if you are wondering which RC car style will be best for you, don’t forget to check out my post on the pros and cons of every RC car style.

#2. The Type Of Motor You Are Using

The type of RC car and the motor used inside it can also affect its sound levels. We have already established that generally, electric RC cars are quieter. Electric RC cars can be further divided, based on the motors they use: Brushless and Brushed.

Brushed motors are typically found in beginner hobby-grade RCs. Small contact brushes are used to rotate the motor in brushed motors. However, in brushless motors, as the name itself suggests, there are no contact brushes.

In general, an electric RC using a brushless motor makes it quieter compared to the brushed one. The main reason behind it are the brushes and commutators.

In a brushed motor, the brushes and the commutators tend to vibrate when the motor is running. However, there are no brushes and commutators in a brushless motor.

Another reason a brushed motor causes noise is that when the current switches, vibration occurs in the armature. Whereas, in a brushless motor, the current switches smoothly.

#3. Adequate Lubrication Is Present

RC cars are model versions of real cars. They, too, have many mechanical parts that wear over time. 

The quietest RC cars are usually ones that are well lubricated.

When buying a new RC car, the parts are greased and well lubricated. But over time, you have to lubricate the parts again. Depending on how well your RC cars are lubricated and greased, will depend on the amount of sound your RC car could make.

I also recommend you to look at my post on why RC cars are so loud.

#4. All Parts Are Working Properly

Wear and tear can make your parts old and worn out. As a result, the old mechanical parts of your RC cars can start making noise. However, if all parts are working properly and in good condition, this is one of the contributing factors that can contribute to making your RC car quieter.

#5. Gearing Used In The RC Car

This is probably one of the most important factors affecting an RC car’s noise. Gearing is a major factor.

For an RC car to be quiet, you need to have precision-made gears that come with a perfect tooth profile. In general, thinner gears are quieter. Gears that get worn out are noisier. Also, a 64 pitch tends to be quieter compared to a 48.

Not only the specifications mentioned above, but the material of the gear can also affect the sound. Normally, plastic gears are quieter compared to metal ones

Although plastic gears can be quieter, they wear out quickly. Metal gears are far superior and last so much longer. I fully recommend metal gears any time, unless noise is a major problem.

Best RC Cars That Are Quiet

Mini-Q Q2 1/28 RWD RC Car

This car has a good build quality, and it is of a 1/28 scale. It is an RWD Pan car, and it has a ball differential, 5g servo, 4T spur, 8T pinion, and 102mm wheelbase. This RC car can also work with the Flysky AFHDS transmitter.

You can find the Mini-Q Q2 at www.banggood.com

Emax Interceptor FPV buggy

The Emax Interceptor FPV is another quiet RC car. It has a 1/24th scale on-road buggy design, perfect for racing indoors. It has a durable front bumper with a replaceable 300mah 1S 4.2V LiPo battery. 

Check out the Emax Interceptors pricing here, on Amazon

HSP XSTR Electric Radio Controlled Buggy

This RC car is suitable for both on-road and off-road conditions. It has a brushed motor, but it is actually a good thing, especially for beginners, because brushless motors can crash if a novice RC hobbyist uses them. 

It is a powerful and durable RC. Along with that, it is quiet too, because of which it has made this list of quietest RC cars.

Just jump on google and you will find the HSP XSTER available in most hobby shops

The Werewolf 1:8 Scale Brushless RC Buggy – Pro Version

This Werewolf Pro Brushless RC is also a capable RC car for both on-road and off-road conditions. It is a brushless RC car with extremely fast speed. And since I have included it here, it is also a quiet RC car.

You will find The Werewolf available at most hobby shops.

How To Make An RC Car Quieter?

#1. Keep The Parts Clean

One of the most basic things you can try out is to keep all parts clean. Good maintenance and cleaning of all parts will avoid the dirt settlement into the gears of your RC car.

#2. Replace The Old Worn Out Parts

Old parts may not function optimally and lead to different noise. So it is a good idea to replace those parts that need to be replaced frequently. 

In most cases, the noise you hear from your motor, is usually coming from the pinion and spur gear. 

If you can, try avoiding replacing parts with metal ones, although they are much better than plastic ones, they can cause more noise.

Read my article: Best 1/8 scale RC truck?

#3. Add Foaming To The Body

You can add some foam isolators between the bodyshell and the body posts. Adding a foam isolator is also a great way to reduce the noise from your RC car.

The body shell of an RC car acts like an amplifier. Whenever the motors, gears, and the inside parts vibrate, the RC car’s bodyshell amplifies the sound. By using foam isolators that stick inside the bodyshell, this should improve the quietness of your RC car.

#4. Lubricate and Grease The Parts

Lubrication and greasing of each mechanical part is important. The more friction that there is between the parts, the more that wear and tear will occur. 

When parts rub against each other without adequate lubrication, naturally, noise will come.

Try to always maintain and lubricate the universal shafts and the driveshaft. When you don’t maintain those parts appropriately, they tend to squeak.

#5. Choose Electric & Brushless RC Car

I already discussed how electric, primarily brushless RC cars are quieter. So your best bet would be to switch to an electric RC car if possible.

And if you are already using an electric RC, try to switch to a brushless motor, if the RC car specification permits.

Final Thoughts

In short, electric RC cars and mainly the brushless ones are the quietest. There is no RC car that we can term specifically as the quietest one. As per our research, there is still some scope for accurate testing and comparison to be done yet in this regard. 

There are indeed the fastest RC cars, but there hasn’t been any specific quietest known RC car so far. 

I have shared some examples of the best and quietest RC cars to give you an idea. Overall, based on the factors that I shared to help you choose a quieter RC car, your best bet is to stick to an electric RC version compared to nitro. And brushless instead of brushed ones. 

And don’t worry, there are tips 😉 you can apply to make your RC car quieter (some of which I already shared with you in this post). I hope these will help!

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